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tall hat

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They were somewhat disrupted when Lamine Shako pulled his hamstring and had to be replaced by Wolfenden, and Ben Smith tried his luckwith a long-ranger as the away side pressed.
The mylar plume on my shako would cling to itself damply.
Mwaniki DL, Omwega AM, Munia EM, Mutunga JN, Akelola R, Shako BR, Gotink MH and AM Peter Anemia and status of iron, vitamin A and zinc in Kenya.
He had on a black shako, a washed-out looking serge tunic with blue and gold piping and button-down pockets, white duck shorts and white Keds cut open at the toes; a pair of pink elastic bandages braced him in the ankles.
A lacquered portrait of Adolf Hitler in a Storm Trooper uniform, which was probably given as a prize to a member of the Hitler Youth, a "Kanzlei Des Fuhrers" marked saucer and side plate, which British servicemen brought back from the Reich Chancellery at the end of World War ll, and a 1840s French military shako were some of the items taken from "Military Antiques" in Heathfield, East Sussex .
Here come the high-school bands in their furry shako hats and the drill teams in sequined magenta, the local politicos in flag-bedecked Cadillacs and the local DJs in Mustangs.
Shako, Shenzhen, AG 518067 China Phone: 86-755-6817280 Fax: 86-755-6817289 Email: julia@sino-mould.
Give me a friggin' break, I have been an evil friggin' diva for 40 friggin' years,'' said Cher, standing flamboyantly robed in a red marching-band jacket and feather-topped shako before hordes of fans as the cameras rolled to capture one of the last concerts of her musical career for NBC's ``Cher: The Farewell Concert.
Kathy Halbreich, Tom Sokolowski, Shinji Kohmoto, Fumlo Nanjo; Kaoru Hirabayashi, Shako Maemoto, Tatsuo Miyajima, Yasumasa Morimura, et al.
A large wall case holds a display of Civil War artifacts, including a field chair and field desk, hand and leg irons, a shako (Provost Marshal hat), and a Civil War Provost Marshal Badge.
One extremist group, led by Japanese cult leader Shako Asahara, has already used chemical weapons against civilian targets, killing eleven and injuring 3,796 in a March 1995 Tokyo subway attack.
We've teamed up with the William Britain Collectors Club to launch the special set, which comprises a sergeant with tricorn hat and walking stick; a sergeant with shako hat and a private with the forage-style cap.
USA) Sealed Air Corporation (USA) Shako Flexipack Pvt.
And he practices the 5 virtues - Simran (prayers), Sewa (service to humanity), Naam Japo (meditation), Kirath Karu (earn an honest living, Waand Ke Shako (share what you have with others).
Top left is an extremely rare 12th (East Suffolk)Regiment officer's shako (helmet)plate dating from 1844-50 which alone sold for pounds 541; Picture: BONHAMS