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Synonyms for shakiness

the quality or condition of being physically unsteady

the quality or condition of being erratic and undependable

Synonyms for shakiness

the quality of being unstable and insecure

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The shakiness of Saleh's regime alarms the nearby Saudi Arabia no less than the US.
If there's any shakiness in a relationship, social networking sites can be a cause of angst.
Junk bonds, according to TIME: "Drexel's notorious junk bonds -- debt instruments that pay high rates of interest because of the relative shakiness of the ventures they fund -- turned the financial world topsy-turvy and helped set the tone for the money lust that gripped America in the '80s.
Wednesday - backed on by an ever-vociferous crowd - sensed they could capitalise on Rovers' shakiness and poured forward in search of another.
The friction lock sits just forward of the release latch and eliminates the shakiness of the stock on the buffer tube.
The warrants were also an additional proof of the shakiness of the Saudi-Syrian accord regarding Lebanon, as signs to this effect have started to emerge through the opposition's fierce attacks against Hariri since early last month.
About half of all people who experience shakiness in their head, hands, or voice when doing simple tasks are unaware of family members with similar symptoms.
Signs of hypos include trembling or shakiness, sweating, difficulty concentrating and irrational behaviour.
Investors need to reduce risks and they don't want to hold yen short positions over the weekend due to speculation that China may revalue the yuan, as well as the euro's shakiness," said Kazuyuki Kato, treasury department manager at Mizuho Trust & Banking.
Very low glucose, calledAahypoglycemia, is a condition that poses risks for people with either form of diabetes, potentially causing shakiness, dizziness,Aaseizures,AacomaAaor even death.
The disease progresses to jerky movements, shakiness and stiffness of limbs, incontinence and the loss of the ability to move or speak.
And Hereford's best hope appeared to be the shakiness of home keeper Simon Eastwood.
With the recession, art and life don't always cooperate, and the shakiness of art institutions makes us all shaky.
Choirs and orchestra attained level of balance for the whole if its 46 bars, though the orchestra exhibited a little shakiness just after the piece's choral crescendo, as if the chorus' dying fall were a little too heavy for it to bear.