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Synonyms for shakeup

a thorough or drastic reorganization

Synonyms for shakeup

the imposition of a new organization

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The US Senate Banking Committee is facing a shakeup with many top incumbents set to retire.
The shakeup also included the ministries of supply and communications, transport, electricity and energy, local development, civil aviation, environment and parliamentary affairs.
Saturday's shakeup suggests the kingdom's leaders will continue to tug them forward.
The shakeup is particularly aimed at small firms and others which lack formal disciplinary procedures.
The surprise associated with the Freddie Mac shakeup appears to have given the original legislation--known as the Shays-Markey bill--new life, and it now seems likely to pass.
Short of legislation of this kind, however, the most important implication of the Freddie shakeup has been to resurrect the question of whether the GSEs pose systemic risk.
Toomey transferred to Air New Zealand from Australian carrier Qantas along with several other executives, who could also lose their positions under the shakeup according to The West Australian.
was ousted Wednesday in a boardroom shakeup that expands the role of co-founder Steve Jobs in running the company.
The shakeup is the latest blow to the troubled computer company, which has seen its Macintosh sales tumble amid product problems, doubts about the future and worries about a replacement for the aging Macintosh operating system.
He cites several factors other than Moho reflection that might explain why San Francisco's shakeup exceeded the average for a region that far from the epicenter.
Global Banking News-August 15, 2014--Reserve Bank of India agrees with governor's plan for shakeup
Of course we want to win the league, but we're desperate to be in the shakeup for the FAI Cup and the Setanta Cup final as well," said Kearney "We want people to view us as the best team in the country.
Margaret Jackson, Qantas' chairwoman, stated that the shakeup would not affect the carrier's programme of deciding on fleet requirements and operating strategies, an announcement about which is expected at the end of the year according to the Sydney Morning Herald.
However, Glasgow faces the biggest shakeup, with the city's 10 seats being cut to seven.
Global Banking News-June 4, 2013--Credit Suisse expecting more shakeups in private banking in Asia(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.