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a person who wields power and influence

a member of Christian group practicing celibacy and communal living and common possession of property and separation from the world

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'Shaker seeds,' 'Shaker herbs,' and 'Shaker distilled waters,' are commonly announced for sale in the shops of towns and cities.
There is no union of the sexes, and every Shaker, male and female, is devoted to a life of celibacy.
Leaving the Shaker village with a hearty dislike of the old Shakers, and a hearty pity for the young ones: tempered by the strong probability of their running away as they grow older and wiser, which they not uncommonly do: we returned to Lebanon, and so to Hudson, by the way we had come upon the previous day.
As we rode along, we passed a party of Shakers, who were at work upon the road; who wore the broadest of all broad-brimmed hats; and were in all visible respects such very wooden men, that I felt about as much sympathy for them, and as much interest in them, as if they had been so many figure-heads of ships.
These people are called Shakers from their peculiar form of adoration, which consists of a dance, performed by the men and women of all ages, who arrange themselves for that purpose in opposite parties: the men first divesting themselves of their hats and coats, which they gravely hang against the wall before they begin; and tying a ribbon round their shirt-sleeves, as though they were going to be bled.
This is well enough, but nevertheless I cannot, I confess, incline towards the Shakers; view them with much favour, or extend towards them any very lenient construction.
Market Shaker has its friends and family night on Thursday and will officially open to the public on Friday, August 23, right on cue for Bank Holiday weekend.
File - Hany Shaker. CAIRO -- 16 August 2019: Famed Egyptian singer Hany Shaker performed live at the second edition of Festival international de Siliana, in Tunisia, on August 15.
Market Shaker is set to open up in the former Ember Lounge, in Cloth Market, over the August Bank Holiday weekend.
Deltona, FL, June 06, 2019 --( Markets of Sunshine is a provider of shaker card collections that distribute its products on Etsy.
Shaker Group, the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of LG Air Conditioners in Saudi Arabia, has opened a new production facility in partnership with LG.
Shaker Group, the sole distributor for LG air conditioners in Saudi Arabia, has inaugurated the newly expanded LG Air Conditioning Academy.
Shaker Group, the sole distributor for LG Air Conditioners in Saudi Arabia, has inaugurated the expansion of its integrated LG Air Conditioning Academy.
Oak Park-based Shaker Recruitment Marketing said it is acquiring St.
The Shaker Ministry at New Lebanon were jolted when, in August 1837, young girls in the South Family of the Watervliet, New York, community began reporting visionary journeys to the spirit world.