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an economic condition that results in the elimination of marginally financed participants in an industry

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The CEA is a sponsor of the Great Southern California ShakeOut, the drill that will occur Thursday, Nov.
As an example, a sample plate was cooled in the mold to room temperature, whereas an identical model was cooled with the variation that shakeout occurred just after solidification once the solid state temperature was achieved (Fig.
com), a eleven year-old e-Learning services provider, which is one of the only eLearning companies that survived the shakeout caused by the bursting of the Internet bubble because of its large government and Fortune 500 clients.
Shakeout still is hot, hard and heavy work, but the wedge and impactor aid in reducing fatigue levels, injury rates and the amount of shakeout-related scrap.
After 10 months of smooth sailing, however, Gregory Spear has begun the shakeout cruise, which will test the seaworthiness of his various investment vessels.
GMBOND[R] Sand Binder from Hormel Foods Corporation is a protein-based sand binder that helps foundries reduce the costs associated with shakeout and sand while helping minimize emission compliance expenditures.
Like most of our industry peers, these steps are necessary in order to restructure our business in the wake of the telecommunications shakeout currently underway", said Brian Oliver, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Cambrian.
Sixty-two percent of the CEOs attributed the tech sector slowdown to a healthy shakeout of less viable companies that will cause short-term pain but lead to a more robust industry in the next 12-18 months.
Before installing the new equipment, Scana separated sand from the castings via mechanical shakeout, after which the lumps of sand were crushed and sieved.
com users, the recent Internet shakeout and subsequent layoffs just aren't that big of a deal.
The key points to be examined will be how B2B has revolutionized business in the New Economy, what shortcomings the first generation shakeout reveals, and how to develop business models that perform.
Shakeout studies show that GMBOND[R] maintains better collapsibility.
This change is attributed to the dot-com shakeout, which has left many companies without the funds to provide highly competitive compensation.
The ShakeOut drill focuses on the Drop, Cover and Hold On protective actions people should take when a quake begins: Drop down to the floor, take Cover under a sturdy desk or table, and Hold On until the shaking stops.
17 during the Great ShakeOut, an earthquake preparation drill.