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an economic condition that results in the elimination of marginally financed participants in an industry

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ShakeOut is a one-minute drop, cover, and hold on drill at the minimum, though people are encouraged to do much more, such as follow the 7 steps to earthquake safety.
The Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills are regionally organized campaigns linked together as a worldwide preparedness movement spanning more than 70 countries in earthquake safety activities that remind participants to Drop, Cover, and Hold On as the recommended safety action immediately when an earthquake occurs.
The Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill is an annual opportunity for people in homes, schools, and organizations to practice what to do during earthquakes, and to improve preparedness.
The central United States will join the preparedness planning with its own ShakeOut on February 7 to commemorate the bicentennial of the 1812 New Madrid earthquake.
Unlike conventional rotary shakeouts that, lift and drop castings, the Barrel Horse action allows castings to swim in the sand, constantly blending via vibratory motion.
5 million people who participated in last year's Great Shakeout, which was in southern California only.
To learn more about how to stay safe during an earthquake and to sign up to participate in the Great Southern California ShakeOut, visit:
The companies that survived that shakeout demonstrated a combined show of strength in 2004 by producing an increased amount of paper and paperboard vs.
He also suggests that executives dole out projects to multiple outsourcing providers as a form of insurance in the impending shakeout.
Looking ahead, just how quickly or how thoroughly the shakeout will proceed is anyone's guess.
The ASP industry was invented during the dotcom boom, and went through some rough times during the shakeout.
The shakeout in the advertising industry has left the John Caples International Award, a nonprofit that recognizes creative excellence in direct marketing agencies and advertisers, scrambling to find an accurate database for recruiting judges," Mickey Alan Kham writes in DM News.
Unfortunately, the retail industry is experiencing a cyclical shakeout, and some borrowers are finding it impossible to meet their obligations.
The shakeout started right at the outset of the new millennium when software E-tailer Beyond.
While the odds that European web sellers will have a successful Christmas shopping season seem good - with Internet penetration and buying propensity on the increase - IDC believes the industry has been harmed by the dramatic shakeout among European web sellers over the year.