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disturbed psychologically as if by a physical jolt or shock


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And so on until morning--when they would go out to another day of toil, a little weaker, a little nearer to the time when it would be their turn to be shaken from the tree.
Elinor's lips had moved with her mother's, and, when the moment of action was over, she wished that she had shaken hands with him too.
I can now conjecture readily that this streak of light was, in all likelihood, a gleam from a lantern carried by some one across the lawn: but then, prepared as my mind was for horror, shaken as my nerves were by agitation, I thought the swift darting beam was a herald of some coming vision from another world.
Day and night he was watching, and patiently enduring all the annoyances that irritable nerves and a shaken reason could inflict; and, though Kenneth remarked that what he saved from the grave would only recompense his care by forming the source of constant future anxiety - in fact, that his health and strength were being sacrificed to preserve a mere ruin of humanity - he knew no limits in gratitude and joy when Catherine's life was declared out of danger; and hour after hour he would sit beside her, tracing the gradual return to bodily health, and flattering his too sanguine hopes with the illusion that her mind would settle back to its right balance also, and she would soon be entirely her former self.
He was always sent for at once when such a thing occurred and he always found, when he arrived, a white shaken boy lying on his bed, sulky and still so hysterical that he was ready to break into fresh sobbing at the least word.
Even the agitation of the leave-taking, under circumstances entirely new in the home experience of the parents and children, had not shaken the resolute discretion of Mr.
The other empty container could be shaken without making a noise.
You might not mean it but I think it's a lot easier to deal with afterwards, even if you don't get on too well with the person you have just shaken hands.
New Shaken Baby Syndrome Simulator(TM) gives shocking look at speed, extent of brain damage
In the years since that first experience, I have shaken with shamans and indigenous doctors all over the world, from the Caribbean Shakers of St.
It's made with three measures of Gordon's gin, one of vodka and half a measure of Kina Lillet (an aperitif), shaken over ice, then served with a thin slice of lemon peel.
At least 20 large quakes have shaken the city in the past 2,000 years.
A study, conducted by Zurich's children's hospital, found that one child in Switzerland suffers from shaken baby syndrome every month.
Pepin, who had been convicted a few weeks earlier, was shaken by his sentence.
DOCTORS in Coventry are worried by a rising tendency for babies to be shaken by their parents or carers, which they blame on a mistaken belief that shaking is less harmful than smacking.