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disturbed psychologically as if by a physical jolt or shock


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The parrots showed they knew how to detect hidden food rattling in a shaken box.
com conducted an experiment to find out the answer to the perennial shaken vs stirred question.
Two existing flavours of Shaken Udder, Strawberry Stash and Chocolush, will hit 440 Tesco stores on Monday alongside a new flavour, Vanillalicious, which will be exclusive to Tesco.
In January, Auckland District Health Board launched a two-year pilot project aimed at reducing the incidence of Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS).
You might not mean it but I think it's a lot easier to deal with afterwards, even if you don't get on too well with the person you have just shaken hands.
6 : to make less firm : weaken <After being beaten badly their confidence was shaken.
1 (14-ounce) can light OR regular coconut milk, chilled and well shaken
In the years since that first experience, I have shaken with shamans and indigenous doctors all over the world, from the Caribbean Shakers of St.
At least 20 large quakes have shaken the city in the past 2,000 years.
But we don't hear of any further concern for the slave girl whose way of life was disrupted, shaken loose in her healing in Jesus' name by an "earthquake" as violent as the one that struck the jail at midnight.
SEATTLE -- Shaken babies may fare so poorly because they are not brought to the hospital promptly, Dr.
A study, conducted by Zurich's children's hospital, found that one child in Switzerland suffers from shaken baby syndrome every month.
Pepin, who had been convicted a few weeks earlier, was shaken by his sentence.
DOCTORS in Coventry are worried by a rising tendency for babies to be shaken by their parents or carers, which they blame on a mistaken belief that shaking is less harmful than smacking.
Asked if she had shaken Oliver, she answered: "No, I did not shake him.