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Synonyms for shakedown

a thorough search of a place or persons


Words related to shakedown

initial adjustments to improve the functioning or the efficiency and to bring to a more satisfactory state

a very thorough search of a person or a place

extortion of money (as by blackmail)

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It can be recalled that in January and March, Morente ordered back to back shakedowns and overhaul of the detention center.
"RR Racing has stopped doing shakedown tests at Longcross, so both companies, as far as HSE was concerned, at that moment in time had done all that was necessary to stop this happening while the investigation was on."
The pre-event shakedown stage is set to kick off Thursday, with the first official stage set for Friday.
Hamilton, who drove his Mercedes during a shakedown test at Silverstone on Wednesday, begins his quest for a sixth title in Melbourne on March 17.
Authorities say they held a second shakedown of prisoner pods at the Kane County jail after 18 small bags of suspected heroin were smuggled in within a 10-day span.
The shakedown, which allegedly happened from July 9 to 10, 2012 was exposed by Rychtar.
"It really couldn't have been a better shakedown for Sol Rally Barbados, as we got to experience all different kinds of weather, which meant we had a variety of road conditions to deal with.
The Slithery Shakedown is a quirky, humorous book great for beginner readers, with fun illustrations.
What are the differences between a "shakedown," a "plea bargain," and a "deferred prosecution agreement"?
Carrey's lawyer, Marty Singer, has called the lawsuit a shameless shakedown and says his client is blameless.
'And as long as they are at this, they also might as well profit from the destruction of the rule of law-from tokhang-for-ransom, to the police vigilantes' pay-per-kill system, to the incommunicado detention of shakedown victims.
MARTIN ANGELES He added: "My client will not pay money to end this opportunist's transparent shakedown lawsuit and this malicious case will be dismissed.
In pouring rain, Edwards was to get his first taste of the new machine on the events shakedown stage, a pre-event run usually for fine-tuning a car - not undertaking your first competitive mileage.
Over the last seven years, The Shakedown has grown to the premier hot rod and custom weekend event in Wisconsin.
The ShakeDown Club was formed by music lover Faisal Alshammary, 27, and Khalil Radsool, 33, a DJ, event planner and promoter, for 'like-minded people' in February and members now meet weekly at Cafe Amsterdam in Adliya, a venue which is celebrating its first anniversary tomorrow in swing style.