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Synonyms for shake

Collins Thesaurus of the English Language – Complete and Unabridged 2nd Edition. 2002 © HarperCollins Publishers 1995, 2002

Synonyms for shake

to cause to move to and fro with short, jerky movements


to move to and fro in short, jerky movements

to cause to move to and fro violently

to move to and fro violently

to alter the settled state or position of

to free from or cast out something objectionable or undesirable

to get away from (a pursuer)

to deprive of courage or the power to act as a result of fear, anxiety, or disgust

shake down: to obtain by coercion or intimidation

shake down: to make a thorough search of

shake down: to examine the person or personal effects of in order to find something lost or concealed

shake off: to free from or cast out something objectionable or undesirable

shake off: to get away from (a pursuer)

a nervous shaking of the body

a shaking of the earth

a state of nervous restlessness or agitation

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Synonyms for shake

building material used as siding or roofing


Related Words

frothy drink of milk and flavoring and sometimes fruit or ice cream

a note that alternates rapidly with another note a semitone above it


grasping and shaking a person's hand (as to acknowledge an introduction or to agree on a contract)

causing to move repeatedly from side to side


Related Words

move with or as if with a tremor

move back and forth or sideways

undermine or cause to waver

Related Words

bring to a specified condition by or as if by shaking

Related Words

shake (a body part) to communicate a greeting, feeling, or cognitive state

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'With the success of this year's activity, rest assured that the Metro Manila Shake Drill will continue to level up to intensify our level of awareness, preparedness, and responsiveness as we also continue to step up our set-up and scenarios each year until we've achieved the highest level of disaster preparedness and risk reduction awareness,' Lim said.
This monster shake is on their secret menu, which means you have to make a special request when you are ordering your food.
"If matutulog kayo, mag-aalarm ang mga cellphone niyo sa shake drill," Garcia was quoted by The STAR as saying.
'As we spent time exploring the unique and eclectic landscape that is Filipino cuisine, we were inspired by the flavors and artisans we met along the way, and by the food that they're passionate about,' said Shake Shack Culinary Director Mark Rosati.
Not a lot of people know that Shake Shack started as a hotdog stand in New York.
Twice as many dogs can shake hands as can play dead.
The sale is accompanied by the new Shake Shake feature, allowing users to even more discounts just by shaking their smartphones with the Daraz open at certain times throughout the day.
Shake Shake is the latest and coolest feature being launched on the Daraz App it is part of the exciting array of innovations that Daraz has introduced to inject more fun in online shopping.
"Due to a few Rangers players refusing to shake hands at the final whistle, with myself and team-mates, things did get heated."
In the documentary "( Queen of the World, " Princess Anne explained that in the past, they weren't allowed to shake hands with royal fans because if they shook the hand of one person, they have to shake the hands of everyone else.
This Jeddah burger spot is not only known for its "burger customization" but also their larger than life shakes. You can make your own shake, or go for the Birthday Cake Shake (vanilla ice cream, cake mix and rainbow sprinkles) or the Banana Split Shake (vanilla ice cream, fruits, caramel and chocolate syrup).
COOKIESHAKE CAFE, NOTTINGHAM This cafe offers five different types of freak shake. The most indulgent is Caramel Fantasy, which has caramel shortbread, Crunchie and Caramel Galaxy bars topped with caramel sauce and Daim pieces.
One of the biggest headaches for bubble milk tea vendors is to shake milk powder evenly until it is dissolved.
Making a milk shake is pretty easy but making a perfect milkshake is all about balance.
Shake Shack has launched a cookbook - 'Shake Shack Recipes & Stories' in the Middle East.