shaggy dog story

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a long rambling joke whose humor derives from its pointlessness

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If the joke had actually been funny, or even vaguely resembled a joke - perhaps a clever play-on-words, an amusing shaggy dog story (or, for the Pope, a shaggy God story), or even a wry reference to the Papal Schism of 1378 - the concerned colleague would have thought nothing of it.
As a political shaggy dog story, "Swing Vote" is an entertaining diversion from the real-life 2008 campaign.
THERE'S always one certainty about a shaggy dog story - it's going to get messy.
What little meaning I could glean from the piece made it seem like some kind of pseudo-Freudian shaggy dog story.
He answers that it was not, but his answer takes the form of a bewildering shaggy dog story that turns on the translation of the Enlightenment into "the Materialist-Deist idea of venture" and the conclusion that that idea "is totally absent from the ideological basis of American exceptionalism.
Future episodes will include a comic tale titled "The Shaggy Dog Story," written by famed science fiction writer David Gerrold, and an as-yet-unnamed romantic science fiction drama.
Penned by Mark Gatiss, this is a real shaggy dog story but it allows Benedict Cumberbatch to pose moodily atop a large rock on the moors in his big flapping coat and give Sherlock the chance to exercise his super power of Noticing Stuff.
uk/echolive IT'S not a shaggy dog story, but it's certainly a hair-raising tale.
DEAN SPANLEY PETER O'Toole lets those big watery blue eyes of his do most of the acting in this sad little shaggy dog story.
BOOKMAKERS were barking mad yesterday after a shaggy dog story involving Co Stompe saw them pay a heavy price, writes Steve Davies.
As a result, this performance seemed rather rambling, more of a shaggy dog story than his usual, highly personal material.
Marmaduke is a shaggy dog story that contrasts the eponymous canine's journey of self-discovery with workaholic Phil's realisation that he is putting his work with Don Twombly (Macy) ahead of his loved ones.
And Broadsides' jolly, musical instrument-wielding ensemble In the midst of the mayhem is Andy Cryer's Chaucer, watching and writing - until the show's final jest where the famous writer 8/10 shaggy dog story
He may or may not have a beard but as for being a wolfman, that's just a shaggy dog story.
In a sense, the whole plot is really a shaggy dog story so that Elliott and Alma can work out their troubled marriage.