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Synonyms for shaggy



Synonyms for shaggy

used of hair

having a very rough nap or covered with hanging shags


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"That is too bad," he said, shaking his shaggy head gravely.
"Have an apple," suggested the shaggy man, handing her one with pretty red cheeks.
"Good-bye, Shaggy Man," called Dorothy, and ran after Toto.
He wagged his tail, and sneezed, and shook his ears, and trotted back where they had left the shaggy man.
"Will your folks worry?" asked the shaggy man, his eyes twinkling in a pleasant way.
"I'm sure you will," said the shaggy man, smilingly nodding at her.
His clothes were shaggy, his boots were shaggy and full of holes, and his hair and whiskers were shaggy.
"Money," declared the shaggy man, "makes people proud and haughty.
The shaggy man searched in one pocket, carefully; and in another pocket; and in a third.
"He didn't say," replied the shaggy man, wrapping and tying the Love Magnet with great care and putting it away in another pocket.
"This bear," replied the shaggy man, with a sigh, "had no Conscience, you see."
The shaggy man sat silent for several minutes, apparently considering the cases of the bear and the tiger, while Toto watched him with an air of great interest.
At last the shaggy man turned and inquired, "What's your name, little girl?"
So she counted seven roads, and the seventh looked just like all the others; but the shaggy man got up from the ground where he had been sitting and started down this road as if sure it was the best way to go; and Dorothy and Toto followed him.
But life and the music industry haven't always been as carefree and rollicking as Shaggy's party music.