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Words related to shagginess

unkemptness of hair

roughness of nap produced by long woolly hairs

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Considering the shagginess of the rocks, the absence of a lion here could be related to the process of converting a drawing to a cartoon to a woven tapestry, in which ambiguous elements arc sometimes rendered vague or lost.
Everybody in "Anchorman" sports the Me-Decade shagginess that haunts many of us in yearbook photos and wedding portraits.
I fervently attacked my menacing hide of beastly shagginess and managed to pull off a state of continuous hairlessness for over a year.
He it was who made the army of saints and martyrs and prophets identifiable at once by certain unvarying indices--the cut and growth of saints' beards, their fall in waves or ringlets, their smooth flow or their shagginess.