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unkemptness of hair

roughness of nap produced by long woolly hairs

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Everybody in "Anchorman" sports the Me-Decade shagginess that haunts many of us in yearbook photos and wedding portraits.
Pic initially mocks Bradley's eager romanticism (played with endearing shagginess by Kinnear) but ends up indulging it, while Diana and David are arguably let off the hook too easily for their mutual infidelity--a perception borne out by Mitchell and Burke, neither of whom seem interested in making their characters particularly sympathetic.
The constants of the Polyphemus tradition as he tracks it are: the outsize figure, his blackness and shagginess, and (in variable forms) the mastery over beasts.
The dramatic mane, the shagginess of which extends along the lion's back and down onto his haunches, appears much as it does in the main scene, except that there is no stippling.