shag rug

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a rug with long pile

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New shag rugs at Surya included Serengeti, a thick, machine-made rug in Moroccan patterns.
They are positioned vertically on various substrate materials much like a shag rug.
This was youthful and popular," Turken said of the loft, which is filled with plush white furniture and a shag rug.
RUGS: A shag rug emits a playful energy, while a tightly coiled country rug adds a homey, nurturing touch to a living room.
A half-dozen power settings give a wide range of suction options, allowing the machine to drag dirt from the deepest depths of thick plush carpet or clean a shag rug without ripping out individual strands.
For more interesting textures, try rolling the slabs on canvas, or try burlap or an old shag rug.
Springer of the Center for Blood Research at Harvard Medical School in Boston found that selectins protruding from the cell lining of blood vessels slow white blood cells in the bloodstream, much as the thick nap of a shag rug would slow a rolling ball.
Caption: 4 The Swerve patterned shag rug showcases Regence Home's capabilities in hand-done over-tufting construction, and is made of micropolyester with a high/low cut pile surface.
For the guest bedroom (above), the artist crafted a duvet cover using sheets from the era, reinforcing the groovy look with a shag rug and blanket.
Don't let an outdated bathroom, shag rug or paint color put you off, as those can be changed.
The same mockery and predictable "post-black" syntax are employed in the two works that had been installed on the wall-to-wall shag rug in the gallery's project room.
We imagine that this bikini-clad redhead, seductively glancing over her shoulder, would look best in a bathroom with a matching shag rug.
The theme continues into the bedroom, which includes a turquoise silk shag rug, a glass desk with silk fabric insets, and a white bed offset by glow-box nightstands.
We like looking at a distant hillside that resembles a shag rug from the 1970s.