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a rug with long pile

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Springer of the Center for Blood Research at Harvard Medical School in Boston found that selectins protruding from the cell lining of blood vessels slow white blood cells in the bloodstream, much as the thick nap of a shag rug would slow a rolling ball.
The Luxe High-Pile shag rug is made from New Zealand wool and a 5-by-7 retails for $1,795.
Don't let an outdated bathroom, shag rug or paint color put you off, as those can be changed.
These included a white shag rug, an expanse of Buren-esque striped carpeting, a banged-up coffee table, a glass ashtray apparently lifted from a seedy hotel bar, and a pair of nonfunctioning clocks--each set to 4:05--reminiscent of Felix Gonzalez-Torres's Untitled (Perfect Lovers), 1991.
The theme continues into the bedroom, which includes a turquoise silk shag rug, a glass desk with silk fabric insets, and a white bed offset by glow-box nightstands.
A white shag rug and Wark's chocolate suede sectional provide subtle visual stimulation and a soothing backdrop.
It's got a green-and-black heart print on it, and we bought a zebra rug and a little round black shag rug.
A heatset olefin contemporary shag rug made by Balta was $397 for a 8-by- 11-foot size, and Mohawk offered a machine-tufted olefin rug in a contemporary tonal square design for $168 for an 8-by-10-foot size.
The sons share a retro-styled office that includes a neon-green couch, shag rug and a spirits bar with a colorful light display for after-hour cocktail parties.
Shown on a pair of hanging screens in its all-black interior (complete with matching shag rug and extra-large beanbag chairs, natch), the video opens, in the first of the work's many operative mirrorings, outside what appears to be a maquette of the very same structure, bathed in tart green and red light.
The company will launch the outdoor Piazza Collection, as well as the new Tiranga, a hand-tufted wool shag rug collection from India, and Eclipse, a new million-point contemporary rug collection from Belgium.
The company used the gift fair to show its first line of shags this market, including its Spike Shag rug that features streaks of colors.
The AD Greenroom will feature furnishings by Baker, including a customized 11-foot sofa with black lacquer arms, a Lucite-and-alabaster chandelier and garden seats; a one-of-a-kind Concetto by CaesarStone quartz bar in Forza hematite; and an updated take on the shag rug by Karastan.
Follow the yellow shag rug that leads the way into the Lost in the 70's room.
If you can take bikini materials and make a shag rug, the possibilities are endless.