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Draped in black, framed by a narrow shaft of light between the long shadows of two Old City buildings, she gazes straight at the lens, the epitome of stillness.
Very occasionally, as the boundaries between perception and reality become increasingly blurred to older generations, there's a dazzling shaft of light.
Helen Dickinson, director general of the BRC, said: "The fact that total employment edged up during this quarter, driven by part-time workers, is a shaft of light against an otherwise challenging backdrop.
BRC director general, Helen Dickinson, said: "The fact that total level of employment edged up during the quarter, driven by part-time workers, is a shaft of light in a challenging backdrop.
AFTER having a book published, A Shaft of Light by chipmunkpublishing.
It should go to Dame Mary Peters, a lady who never courted fame or fortune, one who shone a shaft of light on Northern Ireland during its darkest times.
After a dismal season for Yorkshire it's nice to report on one brilliant shaft of light.
Giulio Magli, a historian of ancient architecture from Milan Polytechnic, Italy, and Robert Hannah, a classics scholar from the University of Otago in New Zealand, have discovered that at precisely midday during the March equinox, a circular shaft of light shines through the oculus and illuminates the Pantheon's imposing entrance, reports the Telegraph.
Honest and moving it shed a shaft of light into a life forever held on pause.
Channel 4, Monday, 9pm Over the past four series we've seen the financially blessed protagonists of this show bring a shaft of light into some of the darkest corners of the UK.
The importance of inspiration, that shaft of light, of fire, however small, can never be underestimated in the success of a creative business.
During the summer solstice in 1977, researcher Anna Sofaer was high on a butte in New Mexico's western deserts when she observed a single shaft of light perfectly bisecting a rock art spiral.
Mr Fabricant added: "At 11am, the sun suddenly shone and cast a vivid shaft of light through slits in the two outer walls of the memorial and illuminated the wreath at the centre.
And Jason's picture, which captures a shaft of light across the inside of a doorway of someone's home, was selected as one of 40 winning photographs.