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bony flesh of herring-like fish usually caught during their migration to fresh water for spawning

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As well as the count of the shad, the monitoring team and its contractors made the first known underwater film of shad on the Severn as they migrated upstream and the first images of the shads spectacular spawning behaviour, which is like a whirling dancing with rigorous splashing seen just before dark.
Our annual festival has attracted Shads fans from every quarter of the UK.
Proven winners on the Great Lakes are White Pearl Crystal and Rainbow Trout Sizmic Shads rigged on Kalin's 1.
Since then, the bag limit has been 10 shads in aggregate per day (but only 1 American Shad) in inland, estuarine, and coastal waters (ASMFC2).
This is the herring family, but the shads - the hilsa's common English name is Indian shad - are the largest members.
Pages 157-170 in Biodiversity, status, and conservation of the world's shads (K.
Spin Shads are made from bismuth metal then enclosed inside a hard-plastic body.
While most high school students spend their summer at the beach, Shads, as participants are forever known, are at one of seven university campuses across the country stretching their minds like they have never been stretched before.
Provision of instructors and administration for practical demonstrations covering health and safety issues in the agriculture industry to support HSE Agricultural SHADs.
The Sunderland charter boat Sapphire had codling to 6lb and Pollack to 5lb from an inshore wreck, the majority of fish falling to fresh crab, although shads did account for a few.
Rippin' Shads are available in three sizes: 1 1/2-inch, 1/8-ounce; 2-inch, 3/8-ounce; and 2 1/2-inch, 5/8-ounce.
The Tyne boat Sarah JFK skippered by Alan Skinner has had ling to 14lb and cod to 12lb this week, with shads accounting for the cod and hokis and daylights baited with mackerel strip taking the majority of ling.
I like 200 series Reef Runner Ripshads, 600 series Reef Runner Deep Little Rippers, and Berkley Frenzy Floating Flicker Shads, in natural or shad colors, usually trolling them on leadcore.
Apart from shads working well, mackerel-baited hokis and daylights also took fish, with mackerel strip accounting for some ling.
Big Hammers are molded with a softer, more flexible plastic than the Swim Shads, so they tear more easily.