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go through boxing motions without an opponent

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Sandra Bullock shared the painful results of Googling herself, Meryl Streep shadowboxed on stage and Tom Hanks braced for awards season's ''celebrity mule train'' at the year's first glitzy Hollywood gala.
Ranging from military youth to amateur athletes, for more than a decade they have shadowboxed their own signifying propensity to default to self-portraiture and their function as doppelgangers of the artist herself.
Scott in ``Patton,'' a personality so big he inspired patriotism while our military shadowboxed in Vietnam.
The WBO welterweight champion then focused on his timing and hand speed as he shadowboxed, worked the speedball and the heavy bag inside his Hall of Fame trainer Freddie Roach's Wild Card Boxing Club.
After settling down, Donaire made the rounds of Marriott Manhattan Beach and shadowboxed at the resort hotel's sprawling grounds.