shadow cabinet

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a group of senior members of the political party that is out of power

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First title was The Name of the Star, followed by The Madness Underneath and, earlier this year, The Shadow Cabinet.
But he has also attracted three of Merseyside's women MPs to join, with Maria Eagle joining the shadow cabinet with the defence brief and Luciana Berger taking a new role responsible for mental health, along with Ms Eagle, inset, below, as Shadow Secretary of State for Business and First Secretary to the Treasury.
In putting together the Shadow Cabinet, Mr Corbyn has been hampered by the decision of several senior party figures not to serve under him.
Mr Corbyn will spend today hovering over a Shadow Cabinet spreadsheet.
Nick Ramsay, Antoinette Sandbach, Mohammad Asghar and Janet Finch-Saunders were dismissed from the shadow cabinet on Wednesday for rebelling against Mr Davies over income tax.
I said that I'd stay with you as general election co-ordinator within the shadow cabinet as long as I was useful.
Pressed on whether his brother would return to Labour's top team, Mr Miliband said: "He made a decision not to join the shadow cabinet and that continues to be his view, that he wants to be in the frontline but not on the frontbench.
Had a white shadow cabinet minister made a like comment about black people, he or she would have been relieved of their post.
Phone-hacking campaigner Tom Watson joins the shadow cabinet as deputy chair and campaign co-ordinator but will hold onto his role on the Commons Culture Committee.
Appointments likely to be closely watched include Wakefield MP Mary Creagh who succeeds Hilary Benn as shadow Defra secretary in new Labour leader Ed Miliband's first shadow cabinet.
presence as a member of the shadow cabinet would be a "distraction" from his
But punters aren't convinced that he will practice what he preaches and support his sibling by joining him in the shadow cabinet and backed David from 5-1 to 5-2 with Hills to opt against doing so.
The main opposition Liberal Democratic Party on Wednesday launched its shadow Cabinet to be led by party President Sadakazu Tanigaki.
FORMER Chancellor Kenneth Clarke, pictured, will today make a dramatic return to the Tory frontbench as David Cameron reshuffles his shadow cabinet team.