shadow cabinet

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a group of senior members of the political party that is out of power

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He said the Shadow Cabinet will comply with article 130 of the constitution.
3 Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Finance and the Constitution - James Kelly
I thought it was reasonable to appoint him, albeit for a very short time, to shadow cabinet.
Owen Mr Corbyn said: "I am delighted to announce four appointments to fill shadow cabinet vacancies.
The Labour leader tonight unveiled a shadow cabinet reshuffle as he vowed to "form the next government".
He told ITV's Peston on Sunday: "We want to draw on all the talents, but that Shadow Cabinet is a winning team.
It is sole prerogative of the Parliament to decide about formation of shadow cabinet at federal and provincial level,it added.
Justice Atir Mahmood of LHC took up for hearing petition fled by AK Dogar advocate seeking formation of shadow cabinet in federation and Punjab on Monday.
The rebels are insisting on Shadow Cabinet elections in any comeback deal - and McDonnell's demotion.
Deputy Leader Tom Watson and Chief Whip Rosie Winterton have apparently told Mr Corbyn he "had to accept" a Shadow Cabinet elected by fellow MPs in the Parliamentary Labour Party.
The former shadow cabinet minister was talking alongside union leaders and other senior Labour figures, including Hilary Benn - whose sacking was the trigger for a mass resignation by the Labour shadow cabinet earlier this summer, leading to the party's second leadership contest in under a year.
JEREMY Corbyn's attempts at reconciliation with disaffected Labour MPs have been overshadowed by suggestions members could be involved in picking the shadow cabinet and allies' threats of deselection.
Sweden, July 9 -- The Shadow Cabinet of the Joint Opposition was a flop and the Former President Mahinda Rajapkasa has stepped down from the post assigned to him - Prime Minister and Minister of Defence, Buddha Sasana and Religious Affairs.
LONDON, June 26 (KUNA) -- Around 11 ministers of Britain's Labour shadow cabinet have resigned Sunday in an attempt to force the cabinet's leader Jeremy Cobryn to step down following Britain's vote to leave the EU.
Ms Mahmood previously stood down from the Shadow Cabinet when Mr Corbyn became party leader last year, saying she could not pretend to agree with him on economic policy.