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something that reminds you of someone or something

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ph/) Fifty Shades of Grey " was released in February 2015 and earned 571 million in the United States alone.
James has personally selected 15 pieces of classical music, referenced across the trilogy - Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, Fifty Shades Freed, to be included on the album.
Steve Hutton, HMG Paints colour manager says "With a colour archive stretching back over 80 years, we have many more than 50 shades of Grey available for our customers.
Including different race groups in the future studies may provide further clarification about the relationship of patients' factors as guidelines for use when selecting shades of teeth.
The Wandering Path and Forest, designed by Ana Saavedra and constructed by Juan Hernandez and Lopez Landscaping, combines the beauty of the existing trees with a lush landscape planted mainly in shades of green and white.
Sunrise offers "morning freshness" shades of pink, coral and peach.
Dome's DA4 architecture also pushes the limits of grayscale resolution by displaying up to 1024 calibrated shades of gray, four times that of standard medical displays.
However, the figures are still so much lower compared to the opening day for "Fifty Shades of Grey.
The ability to correctly match shades of teeth to the shade guide is a major factor in the treatment process.
But experts warn that none of these shades are meant to entirely block out light and are used under curtains and draperies just as were the original shades of decades past.
com/entertainment/movies/a8569544/fifty-shades-junkets-jamie-dornan-dakota-johnson/) Cosmopolitan , the co-stars' previous press tour for "Fifty Shades of Grey" was awkward because both of them weren't prepared to answer the more intriguing questions.
Its leaves blend various shades of white, cream and green together.
Funding is provided through cause-branding advertising in support of Shades of Grey, a high-profile series of nationwide fundraising events created by Education Telecom.
com/fifty-shades-darker-freed-movies-wrap-vancouver-el-james-updates-farewell-photos-2389391) Fifty Shades Darker " will be just as kinky as Universal Pictures' first Christian Grey film, "Fifty Shades of Grey.