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Synonyms for shaded

full of shade


Antonyms for shaded

protected from heat and light with shade or shadow


(of pictures or drawings) drawn or painted with degrees or gradations of shadow


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Study on pea revealed that shading affected average grain weight and shaded plants have smaller grain than control plants [17].
It must be noted that when the window is shaded by the automated roller shades only, depending on the weather conditions, either the entire window is covered by them or the window remains completely non-shaded.
Shade: Ideas And Inspirations For Shady Gardens" by horticulturist and garden designer Keith Wiley provides a profusely illustrated compilation of shade tolerant plants and gardening ideas that can transform any shaded garden into a visual paradise of flourishing plant life.
They will power step with the shaded foot while reading the blocker's hat.
Since the ground is constantly shaded due to the dense planting above, invisible, beneficial soil micro-organisms will be protected and thrive in the earth below.
In addition to reduced light, areas shaded during morning hours have higher relative humidity and prolonged periods of dew and leaf wetness, both of which encourages disease and added stress (Bell and Danneberger, 1999).
Figure 1 shows the proportion of shaded and technified regions in Central American countries.
Baldwin has increased the price-value equation for the upscale segment of its line with a new collection of premium shaded lamps.
All houses are individual family dwellings but density is high, and external spaces are more like courtyards, shaded and made visually private with high screen walls.
The conclusions are unanimous: Traditional shaded farms host high levels of biodiversity, but the new ultraproductive, chemically intensive "full-sun" farms are disasters for wildlife.
As the more aggressive trees move their leafy struggles higher and higher, shaded space becomes available below for plants that can grow on the sun, water, and nutrients left over.
The beauty of the ASHLI plug-in is that by leveraging the GPU and the Maya Shading Network, users can visualize objects like in the final render but have the flexibility of working on the object interactively in shaded mode - saving critical time in the production process, while producing high quality images.