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a tree planted or valued chiefly for its shade from sunlight

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Chin Chin is donating over $5,000 worth of gifts for the Las Vegas Fire and Rescue team to distribute to the children of The Shade Tree Shelter.
But on the west side, a shade tree can reduce net carbon emissions from summertime electricity use by 30% over a 100-year period.
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's plan to plant one million trees over the next few years promotes drought-tolerant shade trees, not palms.
The woodsy folks looking at canoes outside the Pack Rat Outdoor Center in Fayetteville on a recent Sunday afternoon may not have noticed the richest woman in the world sitting under a shade tree.
In contrast, the eucalyptus, an important timber spe cies in its native Australia, found a niche in California primarily as an ornamental shade tree.
We had a true public/private partnership with the state, county and municipal governments, including Holmdel's Shade Tree Commission and Environmental Commission.
an America-the-Beautiful grant to pay 50 percent of costs to develop a streetscape and shade tree master plan for a half-mile commercial highway strip forming the Town's "main street.
And birds are not the only animals that benefit from the shade tree method of cultivation.
Autumn leaf disposal, a line item in the budgets of many cities, also discourages shade tree growers.
Members of the Ben & Jerry's franchisee family worked together to reinvigorate The Shade Tree in Henderson, NV.
This is why Chin Chin Cafe & Sushi Bar at New York-New York Hotel & Casino has teamed up with Las Vegas Fire and Rescue to provide some back-to-school essentials for the children of The Shade Tree Shelter.
What fast glowing shade tree options are available?
There's a shade tree revolution going on in the West.
LAS VEGAS -- The Shade Tree (TST), Las Vegas' largest shelter for homeless and abused women and children, announced today that they have partnered with the Clark County Medical Society Alliance (CCMSA) for the shelter's first-ever "Healthcare for the Homeless Week - March 3 through March 7, 2008.