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cast a shadow over


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The former Lille man was a shade off the Premier League pace in his opening fixture and there will be little chance of respite for him in a blood and thunder game that rarely lends its participants time to put their foot on the ball.
The heroine of the Indian Oaks two weeks ago was looking a picture in the paddock and clocked a timing which was just a shade off the existent track record.
If the core danger of the immediate period after the Second Vatican Council (1962-65) was that legitimate reform might shade off into anything-goes chaos, today's equal and opposite risk is a narrow traditionalism that, in practice, holds that nothing should ever be done for the first time.
The bowler-hatted brigade from the Netherlands certainly added to the thrill of the occasion in stark contrast to the stiff upper lip often associated with the sport, displaying a sea of orange only one shade off the shirts team captain and fanatical Wolves fan John Lloyd will be watching at Molineux on Monday.
There are and were many other expressions for the pound, many of which shade off into alternatives for money or currency itself.
They sometimes had Rasheed Wallace shade off Karl Malone to both entry passes.
The Bhoys have already recorded four victories over the Gers this term and it's a surprise to see them at just a shade off odds-on (around the 10/11 mark) to make it five out of five.
Grasses will shade off moss earlier and by and large a warm mild spring gets plants off to a good start and makes it easier to plant things out.
Grasses will shade off moss earlier and by and large a warm spring gets plants off to a good start and makes it easier to plant things out.
Part of the conceptual confusion derives from the fact that acts of ethnic cleansing can shade off into mass-murder, and the United Nations (1948) definition of genocide on which most writers, including Naimark, rely does not clearly distinguish between massacre, or the destruction of part of a group, and extermination, the destruction of the whole group, calling each "genocide.
David O'Leary's team are just a shade off odds-on at 4/5 to win .
My eyes focus on a long tail a shade off from grass, and following this, I suddenly know the movement is a stalking cougar, pure stealth, an actual wraith right before my eyes.
In Modes of Thought, he noted how scientific classifications often obscure the fact that "different modes of natural existence often shade off into each other.
The visitors should have been ahead in the 11th minute when Adrian Viveash, looking a shade off colour, left his back pass short, Andy Payton steered it past James Walker but Andy Cooke blasted the ball over the bar from eight yards.
It might feel a shade off the beaten track, tucked away in the middle of a residential street, if you don't know the area well but it more than rewards the (minimal) effort of seeking it out.