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The names Shadblow or Shadbush commemorate that flowering occurs at the time when a fish, the Shad, filled the streams of New England during their yearly upstream migration to spawn.
A Burr Oak Quercus macrocarpa 1 B Shadblow Serviceberery Amalenchier canadensis 2 C Dwarf Compact Yews Taxus cuspidata "nana" 7 D Cranberry Cotoneaster Cotoneaster apiculata 10 E Purpleleaf Wintercreeper Euonymus fortuneii coloratus 110 F Daylillies Hemerocallus sp.
Rhododendrons and peonies begin to bloom around the plantations, while the arboretum is alive with redbud, shadblow, cherries, crabapples, magnolias and viburnum.
HAYDEN CARRUTH'S most recent books are Beside the Shadblow Tree (1999) and Reluctantly (1998).
The agricultural past brought light and space to food-bearing trees: apples, pears, shadblow, butternut, hazel, and cherry, besides eight kinds of wild berries, which I share with the wildlife.