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For the smoked shad roe: * 2 pounds salt 1 pound granulated sugar 10 sacs shad roe For the smoked shad roe mayonnaise: 1 cup mayonnaise 1/2 ounce smoked shad roe, from above, grated Salt and lemon juice For the slow-cooked quail eggs: 16 quail eggs Grapeseed oil as needed For the rye bread crisps: Extra virgin olive oil as needed One 3-inch-thick slice rye bread, frozen Salt For the buttermilk vinaigrette: 1/2 cup mayonnaise 1 cup buttermilk Salt cayenne and lemon juice For the asparagus: 8 stalks white asparagus, peeled, trimmed Peels of 2 lemons 1/2 bunch thyme 2 cloves garlic, peeled 1 quart water Salt For the garnish: Sorrel leaves Extra virgin olive oil Freshly grated smoked shad roe
There is a window of about four weeks during the months of April and May along the Delaware and Hudson rivers when shad fans can buy fresh shad and shad roe.
Season the shad roe lobes, place, seam-side-up, in the pan, and saute for two minutes.
Ethical anglers not wanting to break the law, though, are scrambling to find legal lead substitutes for the mid-May run of big females and gourmet dinners of shad roe.
To serve, arrange some collard greens in the center of a plate and set a shad roe lobe on top.
On the Merrimack River, shad roe lovers are finally reporting good catches of females that have joined the early male vanguard.
Spoon a half tablespoon of Sauternes butter to one side of the parchment sheet, place a shad roe lobe, vein-side-down, on top, spoon a half tablespoon of Sauternes butter on top and season.
We said goodbye to Aziz in Methuen and rode back to Worcester County, with enough shad roe to provide many gourmet dinners.
To serve, spoon some spinach onto the center of a plate and set shad roe lobe on top.
The question was important to answer, as we had built up over the last couple months a serious, unsatisfied hunger for shad roe.
To serve, place two shad roe halves in the center of a plate and set some quenelles of root vegetable puree around the dish.
We fish for shad roe, my wife's favorite May delicacy.
To serve, spoon some vegetables, ravioli, and saffron broth in a soup bowl and place two shad roe halves in the center.
I don't know if my wrist can take another big fish," confided Westboro dentist and shad roe connoisseur Dr.
Season and sear the shad roe lobes on both sides for one minute, starting with the seam-side-up.