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bound by chains fastened around the ankles


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But the prison administration insisted that he had to wear the prison uniform, have his legs and ankles shackled, and submit to full body strip search.
Dubai: A student has been jailed for three months for attempting to rape his 11-year-old classmate at a house where he and two others had shackled the boy for two hours.
According to details, Golra police was informed by someone that two shackled persons are kept in a house following which police raided at House no.
I remained shackled while the staff asked me many questions prior to admitting me to the hospital.
But testimony about shackled women in labor shocked some lawmakers.
BAGHDAD / NINA / Independent MP, Hassan al-Alawi said Iraq remain shackled by himself and not by Chapter Vll for the lack of a program for the government and the Foreign Ministry to invest and work on this issue.
This model is a modified version of ADI's Shackled Rhino Receiver equipped with 10,000 lb capacity hardware versus the standard 6,000.
9) In states that allow indiscriminate or blanket shackling, every juvenile who has been detained at any point prior to or during court proceedings is even shackled during court appearances.
Mr Mohamed was deprived of sleep, threatened and shackled when held in Pakistan in 2002.
Then in cells, detainees are painfully shackled to beds for extended periods.
In October 2008, the US Court of Appeals issued a long-awaited decision that a guard who repeatedly shackled the legs of Ms N, a prisoner, to her hospital bed during the final stages of labour was not protected from prosecution because shackling pregnant women in labour violates the constitutional prohibition of cruel and unusual punishment.
I recalled a state legislator being chided as "Chain Gang Charlie" because he advocated, thankfully without success, the return of shackled adults to the state's prison work system.
Britney, 26, emerged smiling from the Cedars-Sinai medical centre in Los Angeles just 48 hours after she was rushed there with ankles shackled.
LANCASTER -- A state appeals court has set aside a Lancaster Juvenile Court judge's blanket policy requiring all minors who appear in delinquency court to be shackled with chains at the ankles.
WHERE her father is shackled in handcuffs like a common criminal?