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trying to maintain dignity and self respect despite shabbiness

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Born in Edinburgh, Muriel Sarah Camberg, into a shabby-genteel, working-class family, Jewish father, Christian mother, she grew up religiously confused; chromosomes tight-packed with the accumulated raw material of thousands of years of Hebrew wit and wisdom, precariously stanced between two cultures, she always felt herself to be an outsider.
It may be a beautiful summer in the shabby-genteel Russian countryside, but there's trouble in paradise.
If we are to convince other scholars in other fields that Victorian poets should be placed on equal footing to the poets that preceded and followed them, if Victorian poets are no longer to be considered the shabby-genteel dependent cousins of the Romantics and the Modernists, then we need to court a broader audience.
The shabby-genteel elegance is always there, the archaic turns of speech, the fraying tweeds and musty old homes full of knickknacks, the family heirlooms dusting over in cupboards and attic closets, on window sills.
Hoover began his career as a poet studying with Paul Carroll here in Chicago, and his writing shares some of Carroll's shabby-genteel beatitude, full of both geniality and longing.