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a ceramic or mural decoration made by scratching off a surface layer to reveal the ground

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It's a method of updating your home, with candles, sgraffito (scratching paint to reveal a pattern), needlepoint and pottery.
Meanwhile, this tall stoneware bottle, right, with an undulating flared rim by Lucie Rie sold for PS19,000, and , left, a star among the pieces by Lucie was this porcelain straight-sided vase with flared rim and blue slip sgraffito (scratched) decoration purchased from the artist in 1975.
They were decorated with various embellishments: carved ornament; parcel-gilding and painting; sgraffito, patterns scratched through gilding to the paint layer beneath; engraved or punched designs; raised motifs painted with liquid gesso; and moulded decoration.
Since discovering and then specialising in the inspirational technique of Sgraffito, Tiffany has teamed up her drawing with her clay work.
I am using the sgraffito technique for my initial line.
Such forms flourished in "Palmist and Editor," Olson's 2012 show at New York's Lisa Cooley gallery, for which the artist filled the space with paintings that set textured marks alongside moregraphic counterparts, thickets of impasto against scored reliefs of sgraffito passages akin to inscriptions.
Amid such confusing understanding and explanation of Semiotics, in which the meaning of the referent, the sign and the symbol, is playing s central role, Egyptian artist Mahmoud Hamed reveals in his latest exhibition 'Sgraffito' his own visual argument.
The garment of Gaspar, the youngest king, is a technical tour-de-force, with a highly intricate pattern of gold leaf placed under the palest purple tones revealed by scraping away the layer of paint in a technique called sgraffito. However, the solid, spare forms of the landscape elements and the artist's interest in showing the horses from unusual angles might remind the viewer of later innovators like Paolo Uccello and Piero della Francesca.
Relieved that I was able to enjoy Scuol's mineral waters in the 21st century, I take a stroll through Scuol Sot to admire the Tarasp Castle and the typical Engadine houses with their sgraffito decoration.
This method of etching is called "SGRAFFITO." Sgraffito (Skra-fe-toe) is an 18th century Italian word meaning scratched.
The use of glaze appears with the Islamic period, when from roughly the 10th century slip-painting and sgraffito techniques begin to enhance dishes, bowls and pourers.
Visitors will have the opportunity to produce at least three pieces of work in that time using sgraffito techniques, masking, stencils and riso screens.
As a potter to Royalty, she was admired for her exquisite handiwork, often in a style called sgraffito, which had been developed in ancient Egypt - the art of scratching stencil-like designs into two layers of differently coloured clay.
He provides a selected history of using slips and describes brushing, dipping, trailing, sgraffito, mixing, using color, and other techniques, then presents many color illustrations of the works of contemporary potters who do not use glaze, or use slips at different temperatures, in raku, and with stoneware and porcelain and salt and soda glazing, describing the working methods and technical information for each.
The workshop focussed on Altering thrown forms, texturing, Sgraffito, slips and washes while the theoretical work combined the presentations on Exploring works of contemporary ceramicists and studio potters and A journey through fire: Exploring firing styles, effects and techniques.