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However, there is no indication of the level of consent to these sexual practices.
Substantial numbers of youth are still engaging in high-risk sexual practice such as unprotected sexual intercourse.
Chapter five explores the prevalence of sadomasochism in lesbian and gay culture--a sexual practice that has been fiercely defended as a focus of their politics and consequently, rendered distinctively queer.
Oral sex is actually a very common sexual practice and has been written about from ancient times.
Before we get swept away by the potent possibilities of millions of mainstream viewers having their understanding of human sexual practice and identity turned upside-down, it is important to consider the ways in which the radical possibilities of this message are mitigated or veiled.
She also argues that it reinforces certain cultural assumptions which give legitimacy to women's social subordination, including the belief that men are naturally suited for dominant social roles and the belief that a person's sexual practice defines him or her as a particular kind of person (for example, a "homosexual," a "whore," a "virgin," or a "pervert").
If there is any moment during any sexual practice when it doesn't feel right, stop immediately.
While barebacking between men scares me, Shernoff sheds some very cogent light on the issues surrounding sexuality and sexual practice.
Didn't there used to be a sexual practice somewhere between anal sex and frottage that's good for you and tastes good too?
Enduring Love replaces the specter of taboo sexual practice with a menace whose creepiness is not titillatingly transgressive.
Melbourne, February 11( ANI ): A new sexual practice called karezza is gaining popularity as a new way to enhance relationships and revive sex lives.
Philip Rawson, with a background in tantra and museum curation, presents a short, thematic guide to tantric sexual practice and philosophy.
Details of the sordid sexual practice have emerged in London but sex education experts here are sure it's happening too in Northern Ireland.
Kinsey-inspired pragmatism allowed for a wider variation in sexual practice but did little to transform public space or rhetoric.
Assuming his readers are not familiar with the bulk of Greek and Roman literature and history, Ormand (classics, Oberlin College) outlines the basic structures of sexual practice and the fundamental categories through which the Greeks and Romans understood the world of sexual behavior.