sexual morality

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morality with respect to sexual relations

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By acting against conservative sexual morality, they forged a "space for single women in the 'consumer republic' of urban nightlife" (79).
To assign a different label to the situation, two aspects of traditional sexual morality would have to change.
The author of this book demonstrates how late ancient Christianity generated a revolution in sexual morality in which the cosmos replaced the Roman state as the architect of erotic meaning and carnal practice.
The earlier book was intended for a theologically educated audience, while this one aims to be "a Catholic book on sexual morality that 'people in the pews' and 'my students' can understand" (xiii).
From shame to sin; the Christian transformation of sexual morality in late antiquity.
Every thinking person can see," wrote the Swedish feminist and social reformer Ellen Key in 1906, "that the conceptions of sexual morality that have been upheld for so long by Western churches and legal systems are in need of a thorough revision today" (Uber Liebe und Ehe, 1).
Partial contents: "Looking Backward: Barnard and its Legacies," by Lynn Cornelia; "Updating the Sex 'Wars': Political Challenges to Liberationism," by Carla Freccero; "Stray Thoughts on Transgender Feminism and the Barnard Conference on Women," by Susan Stryker; "Slow Love," by Lisa Henderson; "Pornographic Permutations," by Angela McRobbie; "Sexual Politics from Barnard to Las Vegas," by Barbara Brents; "Porn and Me(n): Sexual Morality, Objectification, and Religion at the Wheelock Anti-Pornography Conference," by Chris Boulton; "The Necessary Revolution: Sex-Positive Feminism in the Post-Barnard Era," by Carol Queen & Lynn Cornelia.
The Religious Institute on Sexual Morality, Justice, and Healing published a report in January that found U.
Particularly interesting is the emergence of what Regnerus calls a new middle-class sexual morality that has little to do with a desire for virginity but nevertheless shuns intercourse in order to avoid risks associated with pregnancy and STDs.
That fine musical has sculpted my attitude towards so many issues - fashion, mascara, sexual morality, the human cloning debate - but I must disagree with Dr Furter on this score.
In each case he attempts to reconstruct Kant's best views; at times, he goes to great lengths, appealing in the case of sexual morality to Kant's Conjectural Beginning of Human History to find seeds for a sexual morality more enlightened than the notorious views for which Kant is known in this area.
In 2008, it was GOP presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee's turn to respond in an interview to the "radical" label that was being affixed to him for defending Bible-based sexual morality.
Around 1,000 protesters marched against Church teachings on sexual morality.
Criticizing the church's abuse of power and looking back to the bible to offer a new approach to the church's stance on sexual morality, seeking to focus on the people and to be forgiving of there flaws.
The meeting heard about concerns about the "revolution" in the way sexual morality is viewed in society, including gay sex and sex outside marriage.
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