sexual love

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Synonyms for sexual love

a deep feeling of sexual desire and attraction

sexual activities (often including sexual intercourse) between two people

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Whatever one may conclude on this question, we may say for certain that the arts, which have throughout history taken romantic and sexual love for a theme, can no longer do so unreflectively if they are not merely to function as slave labor for this endless modern project of emancipation.
Symbols of platonic love evoke feelings of commitment and caring that are long-term, whereas sexual love tends to evoke feelings of passion and romance that have a relatively short life span, said David Raska, a Northern Kentucky marketing professor who was lead author of the study.
Pamuk's best one-liner, though, came out of an audience question -- on whether philosophical love was deeper than sexual love.
He has yet to overcome lust, or discover that the self-gift of matrimonial sexual love points toward the Trinity itself--an eternal exchange of love.
We want to challenge church leaders to preach about sexual love as something positive.
9 An Oedipus complex is a Freudian labelling involving the unconscious sexual love of a son for his mother and a parallel hatred for the father, while an Electra complex centres on a similar passion between daughter and father and an intense dislike for the mother.
An unusual tale of a lad from Orkney who finds he has the ability to give amazing sexual love to anyone - man or woman.
It was a strange book about a boy from Orkney who finds he has the ability to give amazing sexual love to anyone, man or woman.
Several themes dominated the wide range of his writing: Irish life, the occult, sexual love and 'the power of art' and the contributions to this collection examine all these various aspects of the poet's life and how they were related to one another.
Theological references supported his claim for the pious scholar to be able to discern true from false: thanks to a strong contrast, he opposes in De Venere et cupidine, Venus, who represents sexual love, to the Virgin Mary, who represents human salvation.
While fidelity calls us to recognize that sexual love must deepen and be extended through intimacy, fidelity informed by mercy anticipates the chaos of our sexuality and sexual relationships.
A question about the final words spoken by King Lear takes Rosenbaum into a dense and drawn-out analysis of the play itself, while a recent production of Peter Hall's As You Like It leads to a protracted discourse on love in Shakespeare, including some silly comments on sexual love in Romeo and Juliet.
In this connection, the first phenomenon I want to consider is our treatment of sexual love.
The site will soon feature a regular column and Q&A devoted to sexual love penned by a nationally recognized author and sex expert -- to be announced in October 2006.
Returning to the philosopher Feuerbach, he "included sexual love in his definition of the sacred.