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Sexual counseling of cardiac patients: Nurses' perception of practice, responsibility and confidence.
CAREss (Counseling About Regaining Erections and Sexual Satisfaction) randomized 115 heterosexual prostate cancer survivors who were experiencing erectile dysfunction and their partners into three groups: a wait list group that received delayed counseling, a face-to-face counseling group, and a group that received an Internet-based sexual counseling program.
The researchers recommended evidence-based, uniform guidelines to reduce confusion among providers about sexual counseling, and they said pediatricians with male teenage patients need to "ACT": ask, counsel, and test.
Sexual concerns and sexual counseling in heart failure.
When couples seek sexual counseling, ask them to think about how to keep their own sexual autonomy while being part of an intimate team, Dr.
Teaching topics include background on opposition to sexuality education, the sexuality of the sexual educator, learning strategies (including case studies, gaming, values clarification, and resource speakers), age-appropriate lessons, sexual counseling, and evaluation of sexuality education.
Sexual counseling is the only thing that can be recommended.