sexual conquest

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a seduction culminating in sexual intercourse


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Denied full socioeconomic participation in white patriarchy, Jones, as a black man, can only exercise his masculinity through sexual conquest.
Joseph Blake's misfortune, with which this essay began, evokes even greater meaning in light of a white discourse that viewed colonizing as sexual conquest.
He said: "Everything you told the police that day about your sexual conquest of Karen Seldon was just your sexual fantasies about her.
A sexual conquest she had counted in her list of lovers is revealed to be a near miss.
Men who prefer meat pies are said to be super masculine and physically adventurous but likely to see each new sexual conquest as another "notch on the bedpost".
Unfortunately, the emphasis upon sexual conquest and Adma's surprising sexual gifts, explained as miraculous divine intervention by Jehovah and Allah, affirming again the supposedly rampant syncretism of the Brazilian religious experience, strains the author's attempted dramatization of cultural democracy, since gender is handled undemocratically, conveying an unrelenting sexist treatment of women.
That people drink, eat, take drugs, shop, and spend themselves into oblivion or the poor house; that they starve themselves into fashionability; that they endlessly and compulsively seek sexual conquest and novelty--these are not merely personal" matters.
Sorry, dear, I've got to organize another demonstration," he would say, leaving her in the wreckage of their firebombed living room to rush out for yet another sexual conquest.
A more mellow sequel to 1998's head-bashing ``Powertrip,'' whose ridiculously played-out lyrics about sexual conquest might make Butt-head chuckle, but will likely leave anyone else wondering what might've happened if God had answered in the affirmative.
Before he'd even got the chance to relate the full details of his latest sordid sexual conquest, it dawned on me.
Sexual conquest is another common lie between the sexes, reports The Punch.
This the band generated with hotel-room trashing, confrontational lyrics, and stories of sexual conquest and chemical excess.
He enjoys a new sexual conquest every weekend and makes sure everyone in his office knows about on Monday morning.