sexual congress

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"The sex police," mutters Blake, a phrase that is shown to resonate from his teenage years, when dad was always interrupting his fumbling attempts at sexual congress.
These trials laid a heavy stress on demonic influence: familiars or "imps" and sexual congress between humans and demons were common themes.
Prosecutor Prudencio Jalandoni said: "The complainant claimed that she was forced, although the answering respondents claimed that the sexual congress was consensual.
Degas's prescient and controversial L'Absinthe, 1875-76, sets the pace for an exploration of cafes, dance halls, cabarets, and scenes of sexual congress by twenty artists of the period.
The key to the methods lies in the differences between X-sperm and Y-sperm; X-sperm live longer but Y-sperm are faster, so methods for female conception involved sexual congress a few days before ovulation (giving the Y-sperm time to die off) and making the woman's interior more hostile to sperm, while the methods for male conception are the opposite.
(5) When patriarch Jacob discovered in the morning that he had had sexual congress not with Rachel but with Leah, he recognized the fait accompli of his marriage to Leah.
As might be expected, any suggestion of female sexuality or of sexual congress outside of marriage is treated as immoral and shameful.
While I take advantage of the idle moments to imagine a life of torrid (but satisfying) sexual congress with Sandra Bullock, for example, the man in front of me has decided to sing the entire Paul Simon back catalogue in alphabetical order.
American law defines sexual congress between an adult and a child as a crime.
Although many accused witches confessed to sexual congress with the devil only after torture, many others genuinely believed they were witches and developed memories of sexual events that never occurred.
Yeazell suggested that since only one lover could enter the harem - the owner - some of the ladies in the larger harems were kept waiting in a very frustrating way, for most of their lives, since sexual congress was on a rota system.