sexual abuse

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a statutory offense that provides that it is a crime to knowingly cause another person to engage in an unwanted sexual act by force or threat

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Ninety-five UK-based web pages or URLs were removed in 2014 because they were hosting child sexual abuse images and videos, the IWF said.
The four Kurdish minors, who were detained for throwing stones at police during an illegal demonstration in an undisclosed part of southeast Turkey, had exposed the alleged systemic sexual abuse by a dozen inmates and six prison officials in Pozanty Juvenile Detention Center in the southern province of Adana.
Strategies on how to respond to a disclosure of sexual abuse.
Relative to boys, sexual abuse without physical contact was reported twice as often in girls and sexual abuse with physical contact without penetration three times more often.
The face of sexual abuse is ever changing but remains as devastating today as it always has been for those affected by it.
Hill described the incident as more akin to unwanted sexual touching, which would fall under the state's definition of third-degree sexual abuse.
Researchers focused on men and women who answered questions about childhood sexual abuse and their current sexual orientation, attractions, and behaviors.
Abu Faour also said the ministers had agreed to set up a special joint ministry team to intervene in sexual abuse cases.
8221; Dr Gartner is the author of Beyond Betrayal: Taking Charge of Your Life after Boyhood Sexual Abuse and more information on him can be found here: http://www.
Wales national campaign manager Rebecca Morgan added: "The problem of sexual abuse is a hidden problem - out of 600,000 children in Wales only 225 are on the child protection register for being at risk of sexual abuse as at March, 31 2011, yet we know at least one in 10 children and young people are affected by it.
These traumatic events include sexual abuse (raped or molested), violence or abuse that is not sexual, parental divorce (or separation), extreme illness and/or death of a family member or friend.
bishops' conference on the sexual abuse crisis at their 2002 Dallas meeting.
IN THE SINGLE MOST sweeping suspension in the ongoing saga of sexual abuse within the Roman Catholic church in the US, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia announced the suspension of 21 priests for accusations ranging from sexual abuse to inappropriate behavior with minors.
Just how many women in Bulgaria have been sexually assaulted or abused is unknown and, realistically, the real number will never be revealed, but up to 18 per cent of women say that they have been victims of sexual abuse, while 54 per cent of women say that sexual abuse is a serious issue.
The Evaluation of Child Sexual Abuse Allegations: A Comprehensive Guide to Assessment and Testimony.