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For further information about Kaspersky Lab's Secret Sexting survey or how to keep your personal information secure from prying eyes, please contact kasperskylab@berkeleypr.
In her April 2015 book, Sexting Panic, University of Colorado communications professor Amy Hasinoff argues that criminalization and "abstinence policies meant to curb 'sexting' often fail to account for the distinction between consensual sharing and the malicious distribution of a private image.
The National Crime Agency (NCA) launched a campaign in June after being inundated with reports of sexting.
We know that sexting is increasingly a feature of adolescent relationships and children do take risks online.
Currently, sexting is seen by the right, by the left, by parents, by schools, and by courts as a danger in itself.
Stop sexting this guy and start putting the effort you put into that into being sexy with your hubby.
The Federation of Community Association in South Tyneside received the grant from the Big Lottery fund, which will help educate youngsters about the dangers of sexting.
Sexting has become the norm and young men are used to seeing photos of girls they fancy with hardly any clothes on - and that's before they've even entered into a relationship with them.
If they're telling you they're not sexting, then you have to trust them.
Ms Walsh said Facebook and Twitter were the social media outlets most often used for sexting, along with photo-sharing service Snapchat and instant messenger WhatsApp.
Australia is among the first countries in the world to deal with laws relating to sexting.
Assistant professor and lead author Eric Rice said that the findings call attention to the need to train health educators, pediatricians and parents on how best to communicate with young adolescents about sexting in relation to sexual behavior.
A new piece of work around the perils and dangers of 'sexting' aims to help young people think beyond the legal consequences of sexting and spend time think about the emotional and social consequences of a 'sext'.
Researchers analyzed self-reported data on sexting and sexual behavior from over 400 Rhode Island teens who attended five urban public middle schools.
Sexting is the act of sending, receiving or forwarding nude, semi-nude photos, videos and/or sexually explicit messages via cell phones (Diliberto & Mattey, 2009; Jaishankar, 2009).