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the number that is represented as a one followed by 21 zeros

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52] kg (about a half hundred sextillions of solar masses) and [R.
237 years Password Generator phugu2Ac 10 days Ge4T2ju= 57 days #wevU_2e=a 928 years frUT2a7Wa+Era9u 2 trillion years Modified Passphrase Complex passwords are safer 12 decillion years Complexpasswordsaresafer 19 septillion years ComplekspasswordsRsafer 372 sextillion years
The volume of digital data created, stored, and replicated annually now regularly surpasses the zettabyte level (1 sextillion bytes).
Three hundred and forty undecillion, two hundred and eighty-two decillion, three hundred and sixty-six nonillion, nine hundred and twenty octillion, nine hundred and thirty-eight septillion, four hundred and sixty-three sextillion, four hundred and sixty-three quintillion, three hundred and seventy-four quadrillion, six hundred and seven trillion, four hundred and thirty-one billion, seven hundred and sixty-eight million, two hundred and eleven thousand, four hundred and fifty-six.
3 zettabytes -- (a China (12 zettabyte is equal to a sextillion bytes, or a trillion gigabytes).
The report further said that there are between 100 billion and one trillion galaxies in total, which brings us up to a range of between 10 sextillion and 1 septillion stars.
3 zettabytes -- each zettabyte being equal to 1 trillion gigabytes or sextillion bytes.
According to Leary, IDC estimated there was a zettabyte (1 sextillion bytes) of information on the Internet as of last year.
7 Sextillion Percent," Cato Institute, 2008, http://www.
Last week, a Yale University astronomer said he estimates there are 300 sextillion stars - triple the previous number.
Currently there are several sextillion (trillion-trillion-trillion) objects that are waiting to be catalogued.
Networking specialist Cisco estimates that yearly traffic will increase at an average compound rate of 40 per cent to exceed two-thirds of a zettabyte (one sextillion bytes) within the next four years, with the Middle East and Africa region expected to post the fastest growth at 51 per cent.
However, if DNA includes a suspect, these quantities may be stated in "such mind-boggling figures as 'one in nine hundred and fifty sextillion African Americans.
7 quintillion 6 1 out of 23 sextillion 7 1 out of 53 septillion 8 1 out of 106 octillion 9 1 out of 189 nonillion 10 1 out of 300 decillion Source: Stone 2006