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Synonyms for sextette

six performers or singers who perform together

a set of six similar things considered as a unit


Related Words

six people considered as a unit

a musical composition written for six performers

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Within a few days of our conversation, he offered me a job on a film he was contracting, the aforementioned Sextette.
The most entertaining parts of this book deal with the glorious chaos of the 19th-century American musical-theatre world, a half-forgotten era of A Trip to Chinatown, the raucous Mulligan Guards shows (which always included a climactic brawl), Whirl-i-Gig and the other naughty Lillian Russell musicals, the apparently irresistibly erotic Florodora Sextette and the 1890s fad of "Girl" musicals (The Gaiety Girl, The Shop Girl, The Quaker Girl, The Circus Girl, et al), the first shows to which the term "musical comedy" was applied.
So when La Playa Sextette recorded their Discotheque Latino album for Seeco Records--"a compact library of only Latin-American dance tempos"--it only made sense to include "The Catskill Cha-Cha" next to "Brazil" and "La Cumparsita.
The startling prelude, the effervescent ensemble work of the first act, the gigantic sung waltz (Fete polonaise) at the start of the second, the barcarolle and sextette in the third, its witty musical allusions, and its overall brilliance simply cry out for revival.