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a young woman who is thought to have sex appeal

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Bowen and Bell portray two very different MTQs--Jeff is cool and exacting; Hunter is a pudgy, red-haired sexpot.
Inspired by the author's sleepy California Gold Rush town of Sonora, CAMPUS SEXPOT is a blend of memoir and novel, and it's hard to easily place it: just file it under 'hilarious' and 'fun', as it provides a rollicking look at Carkeet's roots by taking a sleazy look at his 'nowhere' home town: an innocent small town by day turned to den of passion by night.
The spinning bottle of Newcy Brown came to a halt on our very own Scouse sexpot Jen.
We love a lot of trans performers, from the breezy metal sexpot Bralalalala to the awesome glittersurftransvestobilly Barbarellatones (www.
An artist, a scientist, a sexpot, a writer, an uninvited van driver and a waiter found on the internet: Paige's dinner party to celebrate her husband's successful new novel is bound to go wrong.
All they ever want to know is: ``Will I be a sexpot and make millions for ever?
Gwen Verdon was the sexpot you could bring home to mother.
The film's other roles, however--the English wife played by Greta Scacchi, James Wilby's BBC-correspondent husband, and, hilariously, Sakina Jaffrey as Mary's sexpot niece, Rosie--are drawn in rather broad strokes.
By closely following the coverage of a select group of famous cases--the Rideout marital rape trial, the Big Dan's pool-table gang rape, the Central Park Jogger assault and others-- Benedict shows that the press constructs sex crimes according to two possible scenarios: Either she is a sexless innocent and he's a monster, or she is a scheming sexpot and he is just a red-blooded American male.
The '60s sexpot, who turns 65 this September, auditioned for the part of wholesome Mary Ann rather than the obvious character, Ginger.
The Latino sexpot, 43, said: "My mom and I butted heads.
But in a rare charitable moment, the sexpot has offered to help rescue Egypt's floundering tourism industry, free of charge.
Depp's character finds himself caught up in a real-estate scam, headed by a local millionaire (Aaron Eckhart), who's married to Amber Heard's sexpot.
TUDORS sexpot Natalie Dormer has described her Cork born co-star as just like the Medieval English king he portrays on TV.
The actress, who plays sexpot Rosie Webster, took a weekend break with hunky builder Daniel Scott.