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desiring but deprived of sexual gratification

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Having struggled because of his name all through his school career, Shakespeare Shapiro arrives at his senior year less socially adept than his freshman brother, overly self-analytical, sex-starved, and the "victim of his own depraved imagination.
Imagine James Brooks' weepie ``Terms of Endearment'' as a romantic comedy where the interfering mom character has morphed into a sex-starved klutz who frequently ends up with a faceful of elaborately prepared cake.
And what about Mick Jagger, prancing around on stage at the Superbowl with more vitality than a sex-starved teenager?
The sex-starved siblings court Playmate-worthy women at one location after another except that instead of getting lucky, each desperate encounter climaxes in embarrassment.
And out will go all those raucous hen parties at which certain types of women prove themselves coarser, more drunken and more sex-starved than men.
Nagging criticism, serious fights, flirting with strangers, and starting an affair are the classical ways of breaking out of the cage of a sex-starved relationship.
Adamo's rhyme-filled libretto mixes arty rhetoric with low or bawdy comedy (the Spartans have funny accents, and the warring factions' sex-starved soldiers clearly don't need Viagra) though the work contains no nudity (the subtitle refers to a statue of the goddess of peace).
that sucked everything up like a sex-starved chaperone,
His tenants were a sex-starved spinster Ruth Jones, played by Frances de la Tour, the naive but equally sex-starved medical student Alan (Richard Beckinsale, who became the hottest property on TV in 1974 as he also appeared as Ronnie Barker's cellmate in Porridge) and `son of an African tribal chief' Phillip, played by Don Warrington.
We have Alice, the frumpy, boringlyorganised, overweight wife of Guy, a highpowered, sex-starved ad man who has a passionate affair with nymphet Peanut.
Their inability to get beyond her looks, however, led many writers to focusing on her bedroom scene with Penn, much as the sex-starved Puritans focused on her lesbian scene in David Lynch's "Mulholland Drive" two years ago.
Andrea Mann's over-the-top XXXPosed, featuring the terrifically funny Linda Kash as a sex-starved urban professional, is a classic comedy with great comedic set-ups and imaginative use of public statues.
A sex-starved elk in Norway reportedly mistook a small yellow car for a potential mate recently, but defecated on it when it got no response.
From The New York Times on Simon & Schuster's new interactive computer game Panty Raider: From Here to Immaturity: "The object of the game is for the player to strip cartoon supermodels down to their underwear, take their photographs, and deliver the photos to three sex-starved aliens before the aliens blow up the Earth in `hormone-driven anger.
He spun the Italian theme quite loosely, giving issue to a surprisingly varied number of paintings that can be counted among his master-works to date - Love Love's Unlovable, 1994, his perverse take on "abjection" in art in the form of a twin-paneled painting whose brocaded atmosphere enshrouds the statue-heroes like a lurid Roman sunset out of late Visconti; and Begging for It, 1994, with its nasty double entendre, colors that recall Juliet of the Spirits, Fellini's 1965 Technicolor tale of an Italian bourgeois housewife sex-starved into sublimity, and that elegantly prayerful silhouette, reminiscent of Vatican-approved religious art of the '50s and '60s, perhaps by the modernist Manzu.