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CARDIFF scientists have uncovered a worrying trend of shrinking male sex organs in otters - in what experts warn is also becoming a human problem.
Next to the illustration showing the female sex organ as a bump usually appears a drawing of the male sex organ on an extremely well-hung man.
Whatever the case may be, because the female sex organ is a cavity, anything malleable used to fit, cover, and conceal it will assume a convex profile, revealing the form otherwise hidden by its own interiority.
When she was brought to a hospital, a cellphone battery was found inside her sex organ.
However, it misses one important specimen, and that is of the human male sex organ.
Dr Yuan's team used the biological bench-mark of vaginal patency - the time in a woman's life when the sex organ becomes ready for reproductive activity - as the point of sexual maturity.
Your mind is the largest sex organ and these mental images conjure powerful erotic sensations that your body responds to physically.
DAGUPAN CITY -- A fisherman in Bolinao town in Pangasinan province cut the sex organ of his livein partner's lover after he caught them having sex in his house early Wednesday, police said.
It involved a 19-year-old Brit teen who stabbed his mum to death and eventually slicing off his own sex organ.
The brain is your largest sex organ and if it's not engaged then you won't feel sexy The brain may be turned off sex for many reasons - bad relationship experiences, anger, stress, tiredness or mental distraction.
Arlene Galan also cut off the sex organ of her husband Johnny, 50, after hitting him with an iron bar until he fell unconscious, said Police Officer 3 Eddie Napolis, Hinobaan police investigator.
The brain is the biggest and most essential sex organ and getting this engaged in the sexual routine is essential for many to reach orgasm.
5 Science, includes impressions of soft tissues such as the digestive tract, gills, and sex organ (arrow).
The problem is people's perception of the breast as a sex organ and the liquid that comes from it as repulsive - not as a miracle food and drug,'' said Chele Marmet, director of the Lactation Institute in Encino.
This gland is only the size of a pea, but it secretes hormones that help to control growth and sex organ functions.