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There was no history of extramarital sex activity among the husbands of study women.
Indigenous forms of same sex activity, usually intergenerational, have grafted with colonial forms of sex patronage and commercial sex work, but prevalent homophobia makes this a volatile, unsafe combination.
There was a slight hiccup in his television career when at a televised awards ceremony he jokingly accused the then Chancellor of the Exchequer Norman Lamont of indulging in a sex activity with him.
Yet, King warns that few DL men can be weaned away from their same sex activity.
Talks are under way to resolve complaints over gay sex activity at a beach.
Participants did report consensual oral sex activity, and differences were observed between performing oral sex and receiving oral sex, 25% (n = 576) vs.
There maybe a parallel between that and a lot of sex activity.
Paedophiles or even those merely suspected of child sex activity are now attacked or even killed by vigilantes on a seemingly regular basis.
Six (40%) sex venues had no hand-washing basins, and two (13%) had basins that were inaccessible to patrons in sex activity areas.
Granting that is so, sex activity as an interpersonal communication, as a manifestation of affection, and as an experience with overtones of youth, continue and have more dominant meanings in the middle and later life.
They also reported that the premarital pregnancy rate was increasing even faster than premarital sex activity, despite the increasing availability and use of contraceptives.
Sex activity is a function of a broad range of cranial nerve stimuli: optic (pornographic images), olfactory (exotic perfume), aural (specific music), tactile, etc.
Aslam denies sex activity in the presence of a child and Akash Yasin, 18, denies sex assault and trafficking.
During the Vietnam War, as in most wars, there was an increase in both commercial sex activity and sexual promiscuity, factors that likely led to an increase in HPV in the Vietnamese population.
Indeed, if contraception is approved of, and thus with it the separation of the procreative and unitive aspects of the marriage act, it is much more difficult to defend the prohibition of fornication, adultery, and homosexual genital sex activity.