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fastened with stitches

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For books sewn through the fold, I do this by assigning numbers to the sewing stations and the kettle-stitch beginning at the head.
* After all of the panel decorations are sewn on, cut a lining panel to the same dimensions as the front and back panels.
In the second phase, the sewn bag is moved to the tape over Sewing (TOS) equipment, using a 60mm wide pre-coated paper tape with either a coating of hot melt adhesive or a PE coating, depending on applications.
Erasmo Leiva-Merikakis, The Way of the Disciple, 2003, $10.95 U.S., sewn softcover, 148 pages.
The top part of the snap should be sewn to the underside of cuff, and the bottom half of the snap sewn on the top of the cuff on the op posite end.
Safety pin securely or use painter's tape for identifying sections to be sewn, if needed.
Sam Simpson of Gerber Technology Succeeds Mel Berzack of Sewn Products Equipment Co.
I have sewn everything from auto upholstery to chicken saddles.
Penny Hickey, O.C.D.S., Drink of the Stream: Prayers of Carmelites, 2002, $14.95 U.S., sewn softcover, 360 pages.
You've ever finished a hem or sewn on buttons while wearing a new garment.
There are some differences between the stress extension curves of the parent thread and the sewn thread, the stress inverse relaxation index for the SIRO viscose and doubled viscose sewing thread has greater than other threads and the inverse relaxation for polyester cotton core thread is smaller.
A Teenager's Journey to God, 2001, $12.95 U.S., sewn softcover, 227 pages.
I'd have never had the courage to buy a suit like I made if I hadn't sewn it myself.
Bring an item you've sewn using your favorite fabrics to the Expo each day.
Not only is the Magic Bias Dress Pattern designed to be cut on the straight of grain, but the seams are also sewn on the straight of grain, so it's less likely that the garment will be pulled out of shape while sewing.