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Synonyms for sewing

Synonyms for sewing

joining or attaching by stitches

needlework on which you are working with needle and thread

References in classic literature ?
I don't want her to feel dependent and unhappy, and a little well-paid sewing would be all she needs to do nicely.
I know a house," said Polly, sewing busily as she talked, "where every servant who enters it becomes an object of interest to the mistress and her daughters.
Most of us find money enough for our little vanities and pleasures, but feel dreadfully poor when we come to pay for work, sewing especially.
cried Belle, whose conscience suddenly woke, and smote her for beating down the woman who did her plain sewing, in order that she might have an extra flounce on a new dress.
I 'll give her as much sewing as she wants, and she can stay at our house while she does it, if she needs a home," said Trix, in a spasm of benevolence.
I think some kinds of sewing would be nice; but there's no scope for imagination in patchwork.
Pursuing my idea as I leaned back in my wooden chair and looked at Biddy sewing away with her head on one side, I began to think her rather an extraordinary girl.
Biddy looked at me for an instant, and went on with her sewing.
Biddy sat quietly sewing, shedding no more tears, and while I looked at her and thought about it all, it occurred to me that perhaps I had not been sufficiently grateful to Biddy.
These words came back to Meg, as she sat sewing in the sunset, especially the last.
He could not take his mind off of her, and a persistent picture came to him of her sitting by a window and sewing feminine fripperies of some sort.
She had taken the lace and muslin from the basket, possibly to settle her nerves and wits, and was sewing upon it.
She came back, smiling to him, and resumed her sewing.
MOSTYN'S talented sewers missing BBC TV's axed Great British Sewing Bee reality show can put themselves to the test with a competition from crafting and sewing chain Abakhan.
The Flying Sewing Machine" is a charming tale in verse that invites readers to use their imagination to voyage to an amazing town called Sewland, where everyone stops working at 2:00 PM every afternoon, to work on sewing projects with the special assistance of uniquely talented, flying sewing machines.