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2 Sew together 4 assorted bright batik 20" strips as shown to make band 1 (Diagram ll-A).
The Sew Today Sew Together competition is detailed in the August edition of Sew Today, pounds 3.
They also fail to sew together the crucial threads of success--establishing what is known as "strategic alignment.
But that was because it was necessary to recreate the city as the capital of the most powerful nation in Europe, and to sew together the horrific past, the troubled present and a hopeful future with as much grace as possible.
Pin, then sew together around the edges; turn your fi nished cushion right side out.
Ryder and O'Leary made a last-ditch attempt to sew together a partnership in the wake of Pat O'Neill's resignation two years ago.
Often they've won, sometimes they've lost, but somehow they've slowly managed to sew together a green patchwork quilt covering more than 60,000 acres of chaparral and sandstone.
Snapple has used mobile to sew together a complex multi-channel project and build a mobile community," said Jonathon Linner, CEO, Enpocket.
2 Referring to Diagram II, sew together 1 each dark blue, violet print, blue texture, aqua print, peach print and red texture Flying Geese and stitch dark gray 37/8" half-square triangles to both ends of joined Flying Geese as shown.
Sew together a tan E, 2 assorted E's and 2 assorted G's to make section 2 as shown.
It took us about three hours to sew together and one and a half hours to put up.
As Wales prepare to meet Scotland today at the start of this year's Six Nations Championship, Jim Pritchard has been busy sitting astride a 'horse' to sew together the panels of a traditional match rugby ball.
eXcelon) combines a top-down approach to tackling business problems with the low-level Extensible Markup Language (XML)-based integration technologies required to sew together disparate systems into the composite business applications required to support business processes that span multiple systems across internal and external entities," according to Beth Barling in the AMR Alert on European E-Business.
3 Sew together 3 matching unit 1's, 2 matching unit 2's, 2 matching assorted texture B's, 2 white B's and princess panel print D as shown to make Block Y (Diagram III).
Sew together 2 section l's, 1 section 2 and 1 section 3 to make a block U.