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Synonyms for sever

Synonyms for sever

to separate into parts with or as if with a sharp-edged instrument

Synonyms for sever

set or keep apart

cut off from a whole


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Por otro lado, tambien se ha observado que un periodo de rapida maduracion puede derivar en la aparicion de la talalgia de Sever.
According to the sources in AK Party with whom Sever spoke later, Erdoy-an even asked GE-l to dismiss Sever for his interview with the daily.
Daniela Sever DMD PC , “The accreditation also serves as a great tool for us as we continue to educate those with obstructive sleep apnea and their physicians about the treatments and relief we can provide.
Sever and his coworkers showed that the calcium channel blocker-treated group had significantly less blood pressure variability over time than did those treated with atenolol.
In the song "College," Sever sings about a $35 debt to a college library that's 15 years past due.
However, once a trust is created, a taxpayer cannot sever it into exempt and nonexempt trusts.
The injured was shifted to Lahore from DHQ hospital Okara where she scummbed to injuries, where she expired with sever burn injuries.
Sever claimed in his book that Zaman falsified a statement made by GE-l about journalist Nedim E[currency]ener, who was arrested in March 2011 on charges of links to the coup-plotting Ergenekon terrorist organization, in a report published at that time.
Sever is well written and is a satisfying, if not always happy, conclusion to the trilogy.
Although he's no longer in the business of installing three-pronged outlets, Sever continues to perform under the stage name of Matt the Electrician.
Thanks to his falling position Sever saved from possible killing but he sustained critic injuries from his head, wrist and knee which almost broke up.
The applicants sought to sever a surplus farm dwelling.
A machete-wielding man believed to be high on methamphetamines terrorized a Canoga Park neighborhood Thursday, allegedly scalping one man, attempting to sever the arms of two other men, then carjacking a truck and vandalizing several race cars, according to police.
We listen closely to what our design partners tell us," said Gil Sever, CEO for Safend.