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Synonyms for seven-up

a form of all fours in which a total of seven points is game

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When Seven-Up seized the mantle of consumer responsiveness with its "no caffeine, no artificial colors, no artificial flavors" for its brands, caffeine-frees really took off.
Total points (46-54) sellers won around 20 times their stake, while anyone who got low of seven-ups (26-30) really chopped it off.
Valentine's Day Massacre," "The Seven-Ups," "The French Connection" and "Murder, Inc.
Also available as individual DVDs are "Compulsion," starring Orson Welles, "The Seven-Ups," starring Roy Scheider, "Murder, Inc.
with seasoned actor Richard Lynch ("Scarecrow," "The Seven-Ups," "Open Season," "The Sword And The Sorcerer") playing Strindberg, and accomplished stage and screen actresses Bonnie Leigh, Susanna Kouvala and actress/director Katy Tyszkiewicz playing Strindberg's wives and lovers.