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He said opinion clearly called for a smaller, lighter coin but one which retained the distinctive seven-sided shape.
Its I 650-seat Lyric Theatre is enclosed by a 28m high seven-sided reinforced concrete wall; the stage return and the two flank walls are vertical but the front foyer walls slope out at 17 degrees to the vertical.
But if that sheet contained seven-sided carbon rings instead of five-sided ones, an entirely different sort of fullerene would result, two independent groups of theoretical physicians report.
Using a computer program, they constructed the buckygym by substituting seven-sided rings of carbon where fullernes typically have five-sided rings: Six-sided rings surround each seven-sided ring, and each six-sided ring is surrounded by alternating six- and seven-sided rings.
Featuring a horizontal seven-sided transport cluster tool platform, Continuum accommodates up to four process chambers and can be easily configured to meet a wide variety of research and development, pilot production, and volume manufacturing requirements.
The UK 50p was the world's first seven-sided coin when it replaced the old 10 shilling note in October, 1969, in preparation for decimalisation.
The UK has one other seven-sided coin, the 20p, which was introduced in 1982.
It gave us sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll - and a blazing row about a seven-sided piece of metal.
They tried it with four, 10 and 12 sides before settling on the seven-sided design, which is still in place with the new coin.
But small imperfections -- the odd five- or seven-sided bubble -- inevitably creep in, upsetting the balance and sending the system on a course toward randomness.
The seven-sided 50 pence coin was issued in the UK 4.
The old 50p was the first seven-sided coin to be introduced in Britain.