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(2007) orientam que, no estagio preliminar deve ser realizado um levantamento da duracao e das atividades necessarias para a realizacao do setup. Este estagio oferece apenas os parametros de tempo inicial, e pode ser realizada por meio de cronometragem, estudo do metodo, entrevistas com operadores ou analise da filmagem da operacao.
Never play a setup on a beat if the previous off-beat has a hit.
It makes sense for Apple to opt, once again, for a dual-camera setup after the iPhone 7 Plus, which received rave reviews for its camera performance.
In this section storms refer to all events associated with either the all-highest waves or the all-highest wave setup values for single coastal sections of the study area between January 1981 and February 2014.
Increased business productivity and job creation are but two of the many benefits of the Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program or SETUP, a longstanding enterprise development and technology transfer initiative of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).
Earlier on Thursday, Musharraf chaired a meeting of his party leaders in Dubai and discussed the developments taking place in Pakistan regarding the interim setup and his homecoming in the wake of its formation, reports The Dawn.
The TMA directed the enforcement inspectors to bulldoze illegal houses setup at the low laying area near the Nullah and to submit their report in this regard.
Part-familiarization runs, setup maintenance and tool sharpening are three basic steps to save time on the plant floor.
The argument for sending the equipment and doing the setup on the phone lies in staffing and finances.
Siplace SiCluster Professional software determines component overlaps in family setups. Groups shared components on constant component tables, which remain on the machine during setup changeovers.
Retailer attendees voted for their preferred manufacturers in three categories: Best New Product, Best Room Setup and Most Prepared.
Jordan Telecom Group (JTG), the integrated operator for all fixed, mobile and internet Orange solutions, has announced a reduction in ADSL setup fees to become JD40 instead of JD60 as of today for a 3-month duration.
Tidland Corporation introduces the e-Knifeholder, an all-electronic knifeholder that eliminates guesswork in knifeholder setup and increases blade life, slitting accuracy and efficiency.