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Synonyms for setaceous

having or covered with protective barbs or quills or spines or thorns or setae etc.

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Full grown larva: Head dark grey, sub-orbicular, bent slightly downwards, eyes prominent, 6-segmented antennae, setaceous.
4A), with row of 4 setaceous sensilla at midheight of anterior face; ventral border with 2 setaceous sensilla and spines pointing mesadly.
Deweyanae are lax plants having setaceous bracts, spikes that are usually gynecandrous, distigmatic pistillate flowers, and perigynia that are spongy-based, non-papillate, unwinged at the margins, and relatively long-beaked.
Inflorescence conical, 25 x 12 cm, 3-pinnately compound; primary bracts, the lowest like the upper scape bracts, much exceeding to equaling the branches; the upper much reduced; rose to red; primary branches with a 12 cm long, slender, white floccose peduncle, spreading at ca 90[degrees] from the main axis; secondary branches 2 to 5flowered with the rachis more or less straight, terete, white floccose; floral bracts minute, narrowly triangular to setaceous 13 mm long, white floccose.
Abdomen oval, grayish, setaceous, indistinct light brown pattern dorsally, grayish ventrally.
Carapace subovate or disc-like in side Physocypria globula view, surface not setaceous, shell (Fig.
The setaceous species of Batrachospermum (Rhodophyta): a re-evaluation of B.
Poplar, elephant and lime hawks were all straightforward, as were brimstones, scores of heart and dart, plus setaceous hebrew character and small magpie moths, which were all famil-iar friends.