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a brief but vigorous fight

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American presidential debates pale beside the intensity of the early Churchs theological set-tos in which victory brought power and political prestige.
Det Insp Mead said: "It does go to show that minor set-tos have tragic consequences.
She has an unfair advantage during those often bloody set-tos - claws.
"It took quite a few years on Morse with John before they started having set-tos, with Lewis sticking up for himself a bit more.
Shearer said: "We had one or two set-tos and although I don't know Roy Keane as a person, I have tremendous respect for him because he was one of the greats.
When approaching 30 years of age, a few 'set-tos' with Newcastle officials took place which eventually saw the winger move on.
Backyard mating battles between male ruby-throated, emerald-skinned chameleons evoke, with a bit of imagination, the earth-shaking set-tos of the 20-foot long, 10-ton allosaurs.
Last season the four Edinburgh set-tos in the league made up 80, 30, 40 and 65, an average of 54.
On a ground rented from Prince Charles for pounds 80 a year there have been some right Royal set-tos, and this year promises to be no exception.
Forty years might have passed since those incendiary set-tos, but players still get hung up on the derby.
Despite their vastly different stations in life, the latter insists that during their sessions it's "his castle, his rules" leading to some very funny comic set-tos.