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reserved in advance

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Her estate receives nothing from the plan -- unless she includes a set-aside.
1, 2015, NEB-regulated pipeline companies must have a set-aside mechanism in place to begin accumulating funds to pay for pipeline abandonment.
Solicitation W9126GAD24, covering work primarily for the Fort Hood Hospital project office, is a small business set-aside.
The Government conservation agency criticised responses from farming organisations after figures revealed that the amount of uncultivated land in the UK has fallen by 60% since set-aside was abandoned two years ago.
Since the Code does not clearly describe the computation of the set-aside amount and the impact of using investment income to pay benefits, the court concluded that the section was ambiguous.
The end of the set-aside scheme will allow farmers to adjust their planting decisions and respond in advance to new market circumstances, the Commission said.
The change follows the EU decision effectively to end the set-aside system by setting the subsidy rate at zero for 2008.
Set-aside, compulsory under the Common Agricultural Policy, will be scrapped next year.
Roth: Medval's business tends to involve the relatively more complex and expensive claims within the entire set-aside population.
For 13 years, Set-Aside Alert has been the leader in bringing useful marketing information to the small business owner--whether minority-owned, woman-owned, HUBzone, disabled veteran, Vietnam-era veteran, or active bidder on small business set-asides.
"The VETS GWAC will not only change the face of set-aside business within the federal market, but will potentially re-shape strategic teams and affect acquisitions and entrants in the market space, thereby impacting many more businesses than just SDVOBs," stated Higgs.
The income set-aside in a PASS will then not be included in determining the individual's continued eligibility for SSI benefits (The Study Group, Inc., 1998).
The solution to this problem lies in the utilization of a Medicare set-aside trust.
The report simply provides more ammunition to opponents in Congress who have already sponsored bill after bill in a well orchestrated attempt to abolish federal minority business set-aside programs.
The "set-aside' requirement ranges from 35 percent for rice farmers to 20 percent for corn.