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the branch of pure mathematics that deals with the nature and relations of sets

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Almost unanimously, philosophers of set theory now take the iterative conception, embodied in the axioms of Zermelo-Fraenkel set theory, to be the correct account of set.
In this paper the propose strategy is categorized as: Firstly the air crafts have selected by using the soft and fuzzy set theory.
Several technical results involving the method of "forcing" needed to construct models of set theory, will also be worked out along the way.
From the beginning of fuzzy set theory and its higher order fuzzy sets, there erupted many opinions about its feasibility and applicability.
Next, the different preferences of various experts were processed by applying soft fuzzy set theory.
Since Zadeh published his classical paper almost fifty years ago, fuzzy set theory has received more and more attention from researchers in a wide range of scientific areas, especially in the past few years.
Throughout this paper, We now recall some basic notions of neutrosophic sets, interval valued neutrosophic sets , rough set theory and intuitionistic fuzzy rough sets.
References to set theory and to the philosophical import of Georg Cantor do constitute a common ground, but they are also a source of fundamental disagreements.
The issue is most pressing with respect to set theory as set theory can either be seen as the foundation or a unifying framework to all of mathematics.
Combining the phenomenological acuity of Minimal art with the conceptual rigor of set theory, these transitory installations renounced the autonomous art object in favor of contingent, shilling constellations of concepts and materials.
The author of this paper suggests several neoteric, unconventional, idiosyncratic, or unique approaches to beginning Set Theory that he found seems to work well in building students' introductory understanding of the Foundations of Mathematics.
Using propositional logic we can prove only the theorems of a very modest part of mathematics: Boolean algebra, "naive" set theory, etc.
At the center of the story is an encounter at the beginning of the twentieth century between mathematicians on set theory and the religious practices of the heretical Name Worshippers in Russia.
It is generally accepted that the (presumably) non-contradictory Zermelo-Fraenkel set theory ZF with the axiom of choice is the most accurate and complete axiomatic representation of the core of Cantor set theory.
The Iranian-American professor published his work on fuzzy sets in 1965 in which he detailed the mathematics of fuzzy set theory.